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More mobile investments create need for continuous delivery and mobile performance

There is no doubt mobile devices are now being used more and more for professional purposes. With the influx of BYOD initiatives throughout the corporate sector, it’s no surprise that developers are seeing rising demands for business applications. But this trend is having an effect on more than just the business world.

As app developers work on a rising number of applications geared toward the enterprise, the priority placed on mobile performance testing increases as well. Companies expecting development projects to be delivered quickly will not be happy if an app is delivered with slow performance or features that don’t work. For this reason, it is increasingly critical that developers leverage industry best practices for developing, testing, deploying and monitoring their mobile apps.

One new advancement is implementing a Continuous Delivery strategy that allows for automated testing and continuous quality to be delivered throughout the application lifecycle.  Over the next two weeks SOASTA is participating in the Jenkins User Groups and the Continuous Deliver Seminars with our partner Cloudbees in Boston, New York and Berlin to demonstrate how to implement quality in mobile apps.

The benefits of speed and quality are clear with continuous delivery. Hundreds of hours of manual tests can be reduced to a single hour of automated testing, improving productivity and reducing time to market.  Developers, testers and operations can now collaborate in delivery quality applications for employees, partners or consumers, thereby reducing production failures and delivering quality experiences

As individuals increasingly use their mobile devices for a range of different purposes, developers are seeing rising mobile app development demands as a result. While testing should be a major part of any app creation initiative, it becomes even more critical when applications are developed specifically for business and federal agency use. These users simply cannot make effective use of an app that doesn’t optimally function. To guarantee the best end user experience, developers should leverage SOASTA’s best-in-class mobile app testing solutions to ensure apps work as they should.

To learn more, join us in New York City on June 19th or in Berlin on June 24th to participate in the CDSummit.  Register here for free.

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