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MobileWeek 2015 recap: Instant gratification, mobile testing, and closing the mobile dev and monitoring loop

Earlier this week, I spent time at MobileWeek 2015 in New York City. My big takeaway: while most people are still in the process of learning how important mobile is in their business, everyone gets that mobile users want what they want NOW. Read on for my recap of the event.

Kony and SOASTA partner to close the mobile development and monitoring loop

Monday morning at MobileWeek started off with a ringing of the bell for SOASTA and Kony as part of the MobileWeek group that attended the famous NASDAQ opening ceremony.

We ushered in not only a great day for NASDAQ — as Monday’s stocks had the best day that they’ve had in the month of April — but we also kicked off a great partnership with Kony, which SOASTA and Kony officially announced Tuesday. (I guess we jumped the gun, er, bell a bit there, didn’t we, by ringing the bell a day early? Yes, we are a bit excited about this partnership!)

Not to steal the thunder from our press release, but the SOASTA integration with the Kony Mobility Platform provides for a complete end-to-end DevOps platform from two industry leaders in their respective spaces. The Kony-SOASTA solution provides customers with a prototype to production mobile solution that spans the entire Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC) and stretches the length of DevOps.

This partnership provides customers with a broad range of capabilities, including:

  • Mobile test automation eliminates manual testing delays and accelerates time-to-market, with the SOASTA TouchTest offering.
  • Continuous performance testing at speed and scale through SOASTA’s patented CloudTest federates millions of cloud-based servers from every major cloud provider
  • Access to hundreds of real mobile devices through the cloud for testing at every phase of mobile development, with SOASTA Mobile Device Cloud
  • Real user monitoring (RUM) validates each user experience in real time and correlate real user activity to business metrics through performance analytics, with SOASTA mPulse
  • With this focus on mobile performance and user experience, developers have the ability to optimize their application for performance and peak user experience earlier in the SDLC in a true “shift left” solution.

Oh, and Forbes liked it, too. (I hadn’t heard the term “TQM” in quite awhile!)

And all that happened by 9:30 AM EDT! Whew!

But, wait, there was more to Monday….

The path to mobile test automation

In the main session in front of a packed house, SOASTA’s VP of Product Management, Connie Quach, discussed the path to mobile test automation.  This includes the journey from manual testing towards increased automation.

But this session wasn’t just about testing. More importantly, it was about your brand and how mobile has changed the landscape forever.

Examples dot the landscape, but when a well-known brand has issues, it’s not only lost revenue where the impact is seen — it’s front page news. Coincidentally, the morning of the bell ring and Connie’s session, the front page news of The Wall Street Journal provided a great example for this discussion by attendees at MobileWeek:

MobileWeek 2015: Target

Bottom line: Mobile testing is now center stage for your brand

There’s no ignoring it. There’s no excuse for not having a solid, well-planned mobile test strategy. This includes functional testing and also performance testing.

It also includes optimizing the design of your website for mobile, especially given Google’s recent announcement on using mobile friendliness as part of their rankings.

So, there is no excuse. As you can see by the headlines, your users will demand it. So should you. So do I.

Most people are still new in their understanding of how important mobile is to their business

As the bell was ringing and the main stage activities were chugging along, the 2,500 or so attendees got to experience all things mobile. The exhibit hall included everything from mobile development (Kony), to mobile testing and performance (SOASTA), to mobile payments, mobile proximity beacons, mobile shipping, mobile news, mobile advertising, and more!

The attendees of MobileWeek 2015 spanned the entire mobile lifecycle as well — from company CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs to business analysts, mobile developers, testers, users and even inventors. The common theme: Many of these people are very new in their understanding of how important mobile is to their business and their thirst for information spanned everything mobile.

The common theme: I want it now!

There was a recurring theme over the ten or so hours of great presentations, conversations, demos, questions and answers: I want it now!

If I’m boarding a plane and using my mobile device as a boarding pass, I want it now!

MobileWeek 2015: Delta fail

If I want to buy shoes, I want them now!

MobileWeek 2015: DSW

And finally, if I am a twenty-year legacy company that bought the former leader in the performance testing space, I would definitely want it now:

MobileWeek 2015: HP

I DO want it now!

And not to spoil the surprise, but watch this site for upcoming webinars that will provide a deeper dive on the topics of mobile test strategy and mobile test coverage, among others.

Your takeaway?

If you don’t plan and strategize for the process around your mobile experience, your mobile site and/or application will end up as a poster child for bad behavior.

I DO NOT want that!


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