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Mix Master CT Kicks Down with Dynamic Ramp


You may have never been a DJ  or “Spin Doctor”, but if you ever worked a graphic equalizer or used digital music mixing software, the power of the sliding controls to fade sounds, control volumes or change balance is familiar to you.

Imagine controlling web and mobile user traffic driving millions of users from multiple geographic locations or increasing the frequency or scale of realistic user scenarios with exactly the same controls!

The SOASTA CloudTest product team did!  It’s called Dynamic Ramp, and not only is it incredibly powerful, but it’s really fun to use!  More importantly, it represents the continued shift in real-scale performance testing where teams have moved load testing outside the test lab into production environments.

One of the most rewarding aspects of seeing the CloudTest platform in the hands of users over the years is to see innovative applications of the technology.  From early on, the cloud offered more capacity for load generation than most customers could handle in test labs.  This meant that more tests were run on production systems during maintenance windows or in slow hours.  With instantaneous feedback to system performance, customers began exploring with larger tests, and targeting new goals like peak capacity, effects of rapid spikes and sustained traffic at high levels.

During live tests, customers often asked if they could increase or decrease traffic or add more or less from a particular location as tests ran. It was always easy to pause or stop a test, modify the load levels and restart it, but we soon reached critical mass for enhancement requests for live ramp control, and the SOASTA team spec’d out the feature.


CloudTest’s Dynamic Ramp feature takes SOASTA’s already popular digital music mixing metaphor to the next level.  Users can now modify running tests on the fly.  Slider controls enable the scaling up or down on a master level, or scenarios can be altered individually with single fader controls. This makes anything possible in a single test session!  If all is well, let’s ramp it up!  How about add a spike of traffic from London?  What if we’re testing in production and response times creep up to risky levels?  Dial it down and keep on going.

Performance Engineering has never been more important, or cool, and CloudTest continues to benefit from the evolving use-cases of customers pushing the envelope in pursuit of end user satisfaction.  Take a look at the new video of this terrific feature and get ready to rock your own master track with CloudTest!


Brad Johnson

About the Author

Brad Johnson

Brad is a cloud-testing pioneer who joined SOASTA in December 2008. His former roles as head of test and monitoring products at Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Borland prepared him well to disrupt the skeptical and established software quality market with updated approaches and technologies for continuous web and mobile testing.