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Living the Dream: Agile Mobile Cloud Delivery As A Service

Did I just wake up in tech marketer’s buzzword heaven?  Can I really say mobile, cloud, PaaS and agile in one sentence without getting thrown out of any software developer meetup?

We’ll see…

The good thing is, I’m not going to have to actually say it, some really smart engineers will be doing it instead.

This Thursday, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, creator of the world’s ubiquitous Continuous Integration server, Jenkins, will join his CloudBees engineering staff and SOASTA to walk through the full process of building a new mobile app from scratch, setting up a 100% hands-off test automation process, and deploying to the cloud.  The concept is a software engineering factory in and for the cloud, and you can watch it unfold live.  That is, if you’re in the Silicon Valley and attending the meetup. Signups are here.

What’s neat about this is how all of it came together so nicely, and logically.  In the Silicon Valley, development has been agile for a long time, maybe even forever.  CI was a necessity and Kohsuke responded with the right tool for the job – Jenkins (also now Hudson but that’s another story).  Cloud computing came along offering the most scalable and appropriate environment for rapid, large scale testing and SOASTA responded to that call with CloudTest.  The pace of mobile development is ever-increasing and compresses the delivery cycle more tightly than ever.  Combining the best automated build, test, and deploy approaches into a seamless process is simply necessity … or evolution.

If you’re near the Yahoo! campus Thursday night come out for some free beer and pizza and watch a bit of history in the making.  If you’re not here, stay tuned. It will be recorded and we’ll be making more noise about it soon … buzzwords included.

Brad Johnson

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Brad Johnson

Brad is a cloud-testing pioneer who joined SOASTA in December 2008. His former roles as head of test and monitoring products at Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Borland prepared him well to disrupt the skeptical and established software quality market with updated approaches and technologies for continuous web and mobile testing.