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Increasing BYOD practices result in boosted development and mobile app testing demands

Just a few years ago, business leaders and employees alike began hearing about the growing bring-your-own-device trend. They were told that such practices could bring a myriad benefits, including boosted productivity and workforce collaboration. Intrigued by these advantages, many companies decided they had to see for themselves just how BYOD could advance their enterprise goals.


As a result, BYOD is no longer a novel concept and has quickly become a technological cornerstone of many business processes. As this trend continues to permeate the corporate sector, it is having a number of effects on the app development community, including rising needs for enterprise apps and mobile app testing solutions.

More mobile devices used in business settings
Although there’s little doubt that the majority of today’s forward-thinking organizations have embraced BYOD, industry research supports this finding time and time again. According to an IDC study, BYOD practices are not only expanding in the U.S., but on a global scale. In the Asia Pacific market alone, nearly 155 million smartphones and almost 4 million tablets will be leveraged for business purposes in 2014. This translates to an annual rise in mobile device use of 62.7 percent.

IDC noted that the cost of mobile devices is falling, and users are more likely to use their own device for both work and personal use.  This will lead to a period of peak BYOD smartphone use within the next three years, predicted Ian Song, IDC Asia Pacific enterprise mobility research manager.

“The price of device[s] has also dropped to a level where increased proliferation becomes possible,” Song said.

Developers see rising enterprise app demands
Due to the increased use of mobile devices in BYOD programs, there has been a parallel increase in demand for app development services. Recent research from IDC and Appcelerator found that enterprise mobile app development needs have risen to the point that they are nearly overtaking demands for consumer-facing apps. The study showed that 43 percent of surveyed developers said they’ll be working on corporate apps in the near future, an increase from the 29 percent in 2010.

Resulting need for mobile app testing services
As the BYOD trend causes a considerable rise in app development requirements, app creators increasingly need mobile test automation solutions to ensure that their software is ready for business use. More often than not, enterprise apps require a higher level of reliability and feature functionality, with rapid development, test and deployment cycles, to remain competitive. New solutions like SOASTA’s private device cloud and continuous integrations (CI) are allowing enterprise companies to embrace BYOD and quickly deliver enterprise applications that increase employee productivity.

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