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If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy

Mother’s Day is a holiday loaded with antici-ppointment – that is the anticipation of something great and the expectation that things won’t turn out like you want.

SOASTA teamed up with the Harris Poll and surveyed moms across America and discovered that 40 percent of US moms have been disappointed on Mother’s Day. We discovered that half of American moms would buy themselves a gift if they were disappointed on Mother’s Day, with nearly 1 in 5 doing so on Mother’s Day (16%), 14 percent the Monday after, and 14 percent the week after.

Almost half of all moms are disappointed on Mother's Day

So that means there’s a new shopping trend on the horizon – what we’re dubbing “Mother’s Me Week.”

That means retailers need to be ready. They cannot just test in advance of Mother’s Day. Instead they need a different approach: continuous testing and performance analytics for their online stores to ensure a quality user experience.

This is important because nearly one in two moms (45 percent) say they would buy something online immediately to improve their mood if they were disappointed on Mother’s Day.

The number one choice was shoes, followed by tickets to a movie/theater/concert, massage appointment, jewelry, purse, going out clothes, and makeup.

My favorite choices?

Four percent said they wanted a better husband. Two percent said they wanted better children.

The upshot of our research?

Everyone should make Mother’s Day special.

But if families don’t do their part, then stores need to do their part. And that comes from pleasing the moms (finally!) with a great online shopping experience during “Mother’s Me Week” — and after — through continuous testing and performance analytics.

Ann Ruckstuhl

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Ann Ruckstuhl

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