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“HP Cautious About Cloud Services”??

This appears to be a classic case of a once great company now well past its prime, and unfortunately like all great ex-athletes, sadly unaware that they are. In a recent article in eWeek, an HP executive was quoted as saying, “Cloud computing is still an unclear concept”. Good to see such a visionary view coming from one of the industry giants of the 1980-1990’s decades. Even IBM, the dominant player of the 60’s and 70’s, has jumped all over Cloud Computing. What happened to these guys at HP?  I thought they used to be thought leaders, and here they are “MIA” on today’s most significant new technology wave. Last week, HP’s CTO in an interview (from an Economic summit in Davos, Switzerland) with CNBC called Cloud Computing “an interesting new development”.  That’s what you get when a CTO spends his time jetting off to a boondoggle event in Switzerland, instead talking to their own customers or attending cloud conferences such as cloud camps.  BTW, what is a CTO doing at an economic summit anyway? So, as the rest of the technology marketplace innovates its way into the future, HP (sadly) appears to be lost living in its past glory days. I would not look toward HP for any great innovation in regard to cloud services in the next 12 months.

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