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How to create a successful website with performance testing from development to production

Nearly every business today has at least some sort of presence, be it through their own website, social media page or mobile application. Those that don’t are seriously missing out on a considerable number of opportunities, especially when it comes to connecting with their customer base.

One of the most important steps in deploying a website is performance testing. If organizations skip this step, all the work and investments connected with the project could end up as an epic fail. These days, consumers simply will not stand for a poor-performing website, and will steer clear of sites that they have had a bad experience with in the past.

To ensure website success, load testing and performance testing is crucial.

Performance and load testing
In labs around the world, development and testing teams face relentless pressure to ensure the software they create can deliver the uncompromising performance that users expect and demand. And in many organizations, that can encompass a globally distributed operation, requiring worldwide collaboration throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

That’s why it’s essential to performance test your applications at every step of the way – from the test lab to the production environment. Some issues – such as third-party services, content-delivery networks and bandwidth constraints – will only manifest themselves in a production environment – not in a test lab or staging environment.

Carrying out performance and load tests is absolutely critical. Without ensuring that all features work appropriately at scale, all the work that went into building the website is wasted. In addition, if today’s users are dissatisfied with a website’s performance or load speed, they will mostly likely navigate away from the page and never visit it again. Performance testing allows website owners to see just how the page operates under specific conditions, usage patterns, and load from development, staging to production. The bottom line here is that these test are absolutely essential, and can mean the difference between a successful website and overall beneficial online presence, or a Web page that turns more users away than it attracts.

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