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‘Tis the season… to deliver the best possible online experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

‘Tis the season… to deliver the best possible online experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

Black Friday is behind us, but chances are you’re still hunkered down and focused on web performance for the remainder of the holiday season. And for good reason. The internet has become an integral part of so many things we do during our holiday downtime… looking up recipes, buying movie tickets, video-chatting with loved ones (not to mention sharing on social media), streaming movies, and catching up on our online reading. That is why it is key to perform holiday website optimization.

We did a fun Harris survey recently, where we asked more than 2,000 people how they plan to use the internet over the holidays. Not surprisingly, the majority of people said that the internet will play a strong role in how they spend time. But here are a few other findings that stuck out for me:

  • 13% of men confessed they’ll be entertaining themselves online or with apps when they know they should be spending time with their family. (Women weren’t much better: 10% of us admitted we’ll do the same.)
  • 48% of women — compared to 28% of men — said they’ll be using the web to look up holiday recipes.
  • 5% of men said they’ll be using websites or apps to find themselves a date for New Year’s Eve. No women said they’d be doing the same.

To highlight some of our findings, as well as some other interesting holiday-related data, we created this set of infographics. Enjoy!

Holiday shopping user experience infographic
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