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Hey, Can I Borrow That Device for Testing?

How often have you received a bug report for your mobile app that you can’t reproduce on your phone or tablet? Maybe the bug is specific to one device model from a manufacturer and running a specific version of the operating system. So now what do you do? You ask around if anyone has one of those devices and if you can borrow it.

Most developers have a personal phone and tablet, and then a few more in the office to which they have access. Multiply that by the number of developers on the team. However the number of iOS and Android devices your customers have and releases that run on them is in the hundreds and growing!

Remote Device Clouds to the Rescue!

SOASTA provides the TouchTest Remote Device Cloud with more than 300 devices available for testing your applications. The devices include the latest iOS and Android phones and tablets running the newest software releases, as well as older devices with older operating system versions, great for compatibility testing on devices that match what your customers have.


You can “rent” (or borrow) a device for 30 minutes or longer, which gives you time to install your mobile app and do manual testing, maybe to try to reproduce a bug, or just for functional test verification. When you’re done, you return the device so others can use it, too. The device is reset and memory is wiped clean after every use so you can feel safe that you always get a clean device for testing and whatever you install won’t be shared with other users when they check out the same device.


Private Device Cloud

If you are an enterprise that requires dedicated access to devices in the cloud, you can add devices to your own private device cloud. The phones and tablets in your private device cloud will be accessible only to your enterprise and since the access is private, they don’t need to be reset after each use, reducing test setup time. You can access one or multiple devices simultaneously for testing. Private device clouds are ideal for continuous integration where continuous testing is a part of every check-in or build.

Fast Access

Whether you choose to use the devices in the Public or Private Device Clouds, you’ll find that the access is very fast, almost as if the phone or tablet was on your desk. Supported frame rate is >15fps. Plus if you want more than two-touchpoint gesture support, you can connect an Android phone or tablet to your PC or Mac and not only view the remote device’s display on your Android phone/tablet but also control it from the touchscreen. Even a remote iPhone or iPad can be controlled from this local Android device! It’s just like holding a remote device in your hand and using it, even though the device might be thousands of miles away.

Live Demos

Come and see TouchTest and the Remote Device Cloud demo live at:



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Tom Chavez

Tom has more than 20 years of experience as a manager and product manager in the software development tools field. Today, Tom works in product management as Senior Evangelist at SOASTA, the leader in performance analytics. He speaks frequently at industry conferences and meetups on topics, including Web app performance and testing at large scale, mobile continuous integration and testing, automated mobile testing tools, and big data analytics for business value.

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