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Hello — and welcome to The Performance Beacon!

When I joined SOASTA in March, I received an ego-gratifying number of messages from various folks asking if I’d be continuing to blog.

My answer: Yes, try to stop me. 😉

Announcing: The Performance Beacon!

For the past month, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes here at SOASTA, and today I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of The Performance Beacon. Consider the Beacon your new source for everything you need to know about web performance, measurement, analytics, testing, optimization, and any other performance-adjacent topics you care about.

Who we are

This isn’t a one-person show. I’m super stoked about the amazing team of people lined up to contribute to the Beacon in the coming months, including some of your favourite folks in the performance space — Buddy Brewer, Cliff Crocker, Philip Tellis, Dan Boutin, and Tom Chavez (to name just a few).

How we’re going to serve you

Our mission is to make the web faster, one site at a time.

We’ll be sharing information and resources that will help you meet your own goals — whether your aim is to become a better performance evangelist within your own organization or to grow your hands-on performance testing/optimization skill set.

We’ll be talking about real performance issues and challenges faced by today’s applications and websites, and we’ll give you the tools to find, face, and fix them.

Watch this space

I’d rather show than tell, so keep your eyes peeled. (Better yet, mosey over to the sidebar and add the Beacon to your feed and sign up for our monthly newsletter.) And if you have suggestions for topics you’d like to see discussed here, please let me know in the comments!

Tammy Everts

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Tammy Everts

Tammy has spent the past two decades obsessed with the many factors that go into creating the best possible user experience. As senior researcher and evangelist at SOASTA, she explores the intersection between web performance, UX, and business metrics. Tammy is a frequent speaker at events including IRCE, Summit, Velocity, and Smashing Conference. She is the author of 'Time Is Money: The Business Value of Web Performance' (O'Reilly, 2016).

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