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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from SOASTA


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from SOASTA!

In honor of St. Patty’s Day, we thought it would be cool to create a special video to put the spotlight on our platform’s extensibility to deliver custom map tiles for our customers.

Check it out

And, if you want to be a little silly, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by many around the globe by imbibing copious quantities of fermented beverages. So, naturally SOASTA RUM is our beverage of choice.

SOASTA RUM enables modern day companies to put web and mobile app performance information to good use. Our mPulse product is built around the belief that fresh metrics are the best metrics. mPulse captures and aggregates the performance and engagement metrics most important to businesses in real time. This delivers instantaneous real user intelligence that correlates the impact of performance on the bottom line, directing immediate action as required. Real time real user measurement lets businesses make mission-critical decisions with confidence.

To learn more, join our upcoming webinar to better understand how online performance effects user behavior and learn why SOASTA RUM is the secret weapon for quality.


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