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CUSTOMER STORY: Gatwick Airport invests in CloudTest

While many of our clients are involved in the mobile application and website development community, this does not necessarily mean that our innovative technologies cannot help those in other industries. Case in point is one of our newest clients, Gatwick Airport, which recently invested in our CloudTest platform as a means to drive collaboration and efficiency.

Gatwick is considered the world’s busiest single-use runway airport, meaning any improvements to travel hubs response time, delay reductions or overall passenger experience could impact a considerable number of individuals. The airport will leverage our CloudTest technology to do just these things, working to bolster information sharing abilities that will lead to increased aircraft turnaround times and an enhanced customer experience.

The airport’s adoption of our innovative CloudTest system is part of an overarching effort to raise its adoption of cloud technology to allow for greater economies of scale.

Airport expansion

The group’s investment in CloudTest comes at an opportune time, as the airport is getting ready for future expansion. Currently, there is a debate in the travel industry involving the addition of a new runway for the South-East of England, and Gatwick noted that it is the best choice for this growth.

According to Gatwick Airport Ltd, a new runway could be added to Gatwick in a fraction of the time it would take to build one at Heathrow, with estimates stating that the new avenue could be constructed five years earlier. Furthermore, the addition would not impact taxpayers.

Besides allowing for 10 million more passengers to travel to and from Gatwick each year, the new runway would create 120,000 new employment opportunities in the region. And with the addition of our best-in-class CloudTest solution, the added traffic of another runway could be seamlessly managed and directed.

Improving information sharing

Overall, the goal of the CloudTest project at Gatwick is to utilize the cloud service as a means to access and share information between the airport’s partners. Specifically, CloudTest will be utilized to authenticate the initiative’s overall scope and scale, allowing for fine-tuning adjustments to take place during the project’s duration.

Gatwick Airport CIO Michael Ibbitson said that the SOASTA partnership is an essential part of this project, as both groups have a shared approach of confronting current views to establish a new paradigm.

“SOASTA’s CloudTest platform allows us to test capacity and robustness as the project takes shape,” Ibbitson said. “We are able to test with a degree of precision and accuracy that delivers measurable and actionable data within a very demanding timeframe.”

SOASTA vice president and managing director for EMEA Tim Bisley noted that cloud services are the center this initiative, and that the airport’s use of CloudTest is more than just load and performance testing. Gatwick will leverage the solution to ensure it is “delivering the confidence and reassurance behind the vision.”

“Gatwick is leading the charge towards embracing cloud-based services that ultimately will revolutionize [the] passenger experience,” Bisley said. “The innovation lies not merely in what Gatwick is seeking to accomplish at the airport but also with the foundation that it is creating for a collaborative system of working with airlines and airport partners.”

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