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Games and TouchTest Mobile

Automated testing of games has long been a challenge. With TouchTest, SOASTA’s unique ability to record and replay complex motions, gestures and context, with high precision, gives testers the tools they need to meet this challenge. Below are two popular games that we’ve tested.


Today’s computing world has experienced a nearly ubiquitous shift toward mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.  Touch screens have enabled software vendors to create modern gesture-based interfaces, which recognize simple motions such as swipes, pans and taps. Those gestures are still evolving rapidly. Many software vendors and their respective industries are creating new application gestures, which further enhance users’ productivity. Games, which frequently represent the cutting edge of technology, are a great example of the direction for the rest of the software industry. Anyone who’s played Angry Birds understands that the complex gesture of pulling back a slingshot, adjusting it while aiming and finally launching a Bird is extremely intuitive to a player.  However, prior to delivering software like Angry Birds to the market, developers need to extensively test their software to make sure it works properly on a variety of mobile devices. Due to limitations in testing technology, software companies had but one choice: real people using real mobile devices in their own hands.


The state of the art of testing technology has just evolved. SOASTA’s patent-pending TouchTest™ technology records each gesture performed within the application, along with the object or target of that gesture. During playback, TouchTest faithfully reproduces these gestures, just as if the user were physically performing the same interactions with the application. As the user experience evolves, software developers and testers can be confident that SOASTA TouchTest will continue to enable them to deliver high-quality software.

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