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Game on! Making digital performance a team sport

Yesterday, we unveiled the SOASTA Digital Operations Center™ (DOC™) at the Velocity conference – and ushered in a new era of digital performance management. An industry-first web performance command center that brings together all the intelligence relevant to your digital organization, the DOC will change the way you do business by delivering complete visibility, actionable data, and a common understanding of how to achieve online success in our connected world. In essence, we’ve made “performance first” a team sport!

Not only does the DOC address the needs of individual business functions – executives, marketers, sales, operations, development, and engineering – it unites them under a shared understanding of performance and business goals. For example, executives will pay attention to a technical issue because they see the instant revenue impact associated with it, designers can balance creativity with performance goals when designing graphics that may stall a page load, and IT can prioritize fixes according to the greatest impact on the bottom line. The information provided by the DOC is a neutral voice of reason, reducing friction within your organization by fueling data-driven decisions – so your business can run smoothly, more transparently.

Technology and business converge

At Velocity there is a buzz validating the impact that this platform will have on the industry. Mike Hendrickson, vice president for content strategy at O’Reilly, the conference organizer, said to me, “This is going to change the face of the industry.” And industry thought leaders including CTO, Werner Vogels, and popular IT blogger, Jeff Sussna, posted their reaction to the DOC on Twitter:

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Forbes technology contributor Ben Kepes wrote, “The real value that DOC brings is by delivering metrics to both technical and business users within an organization. While there are plenty of other application performance monitoring solutions out there, they tend to be focused purely on technical metrics. However, the real value from monitoring happens when these technical metrics are tied in with business ones; that is the problem that SOASTA is trying to solve with the DOC.”

The fact that some of the first coverage about the SOASTA DOC came from a leading business and financial news source speaks to this intersection of technology and business. It is the missing link between the two, “the connective tissue that combines application performance metrics with end user metrics,” as Kepes put it.

Correlate, collaborate, control

The information you need to measure the many facets of performance already exists in your organization, but it lives in separate silos within different sources and departments. The SOASTA DOC bridges these data siloes, so you can see everything and understand it immediately. It integrates with every measurement and analytics tool you use. It also collects all of your data over time, recognizes patterns, and provides predictive analytics. You can use the DOC to see what’s happening in real-time, use past data to identify trends, and make future plans by running “what if” scenarios.

Since performance means different things to different people, the DOC lets you customize your view of the data – such as a business view with conversion rates, ad impressions, and news feeds; or a technical view with load tests, application performance monitoring, and server capacity – and toggle between these views from a single control application to collaborate on optimization strategies anytime, anywhere on a display wall, desktop, or mobile device.

Self-actualization for online businesses

The SOASTA DOC encourages cross-functional collaboration with a shared understanding of digital goals, real-time and historical performance, current issues, and optimization priorities – fostering a true performance-driven culture. With basic performance needs addressed, you can reach for higher levels of customer satisfaction, innovation, and customization – even take more risks. The DOC empowers your organization to elevate performance to the next level. Join us in entering this new era where technology and business work together to deliver the best online performance and customer experience in real time, all the time.

Are you game?

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Ann Ruckstuhl

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