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Ever wonder, “What If?”: SOASTA updates mPulse Real User Monitoring

SOASTA recently announced new predictive analytics to our industry-leading Real User Monitoring solution, mPulse. Our RUM solution enables users to gather and perform an in-depth analysis of actual user data in real time, providing the ability to see how online performance impacts key business metrics like revenue, conversions and user engagement. With this most recent upgrade, users can now answer the all-important “what if” question with new advanced analytics.

User monitoring before SOASTA
Before the availability of SOASTA Real User Monitoring, companies did not have access to real-time metrics of user data. Instead, monitoring was a reactive process that hinged upon user activities and gestures that had taken place previously.

Furthermore, before organizations and developers could leverage mPulse, other solutions were limited, especially when it came to performance data. Most only provided data sampling and aggregate reporting, which fell significantly short of the insights companies needed.

mPulse bursts onto the scene
SOASTA addressed these issues, and enabled businesses and development teams to eliminate blind spots in their user monitoring processes through the use of website JavaScript tags and mobile app touch metrics. With these components in place, organizations are now able to receive notifications – or beacons – every time a user interacts with a web or mobile app. The mPulse solution aggregates beacons over a specified time period to create a high fidelity visual representation of user interactions and their experiences.

New additions to mPulse: What If analysis
Now, SOASTA has made its award-winning mPulse Real Using Monitoring solution even better with innovative new analysis features that enable groups to correctly project the impact certain performance metrics will have on bounce and conversation rates, as well as the company’s overall revenue.

“Real Web and mobile users vote with their wallet when their experiences are good and withhold it when they’re bad,” noted SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos. “Our mPulse customers measure their revenue in milliseconds, and we continue to look for ways to help them improve business performance. The SOASTA platform helps customers proactively optimize user experiences from testing in the development lab to monitoring real users in real time. With this advance in predictive analytics. they have more visibility and control of how user performance impacts their business.”

mPulse users can filter specific metrics like per page, mobile app or Web browser, user type and geographic statistics to gain a certain What If analysis in connection with each benchmark. This enables better decision-making through data-supported, accurate predictions, and also offers the ability to react to performance issues the minute they occur.

SOASTA added other new capabilities to mPulse as well, including updated iOS support, allowing users to touch certain elements in iOS applications for real-time TouchMetrics and TouchTimers data. The latest version of mPulse also comes with FlipBook, a new dashboard mode for viewing multiple dashboards, and New Dimensions, a feature providing new ways to separate and view data by category.

mPulse featured at Velocity Conference
Last year, professionals at the Velocity Conference voted mPulse the best RUM solution available. This year, SOASTA will feature mPulse and all its updates in several live presentations from SOASTA executives Buddy Bewer, Cliff Crocker and Philip Tellis.

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