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Everything You Need to Know about UserTiming, NavigationTiming and ResourceTiming [EBOOK]

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This week at SOASTA, we’re out in full force at the Velocity conference in New York. (You can check out all our conference goings-on here.) We’re also releasing a few ebooks that take a deeper dive into the topics than we’re able to cover in a short speaking slot.

On Monday, Cliff Crocker and I had the privilege of doing a 90-minute tutorial entitled Metrics Metrics Everywhere (But Where the Heck Do You Start?). (Slides here.) In our talk, Cliff gave an awesome high-level overview of how UserTiming, NavigationTiming, and ResourceTiming work. But as I said, there’s only so much you can cover in a relatively short conference talk, so we’re excited to also offer a free ebook that takes a much deeper look.

DOWNLOAD: Everything You Need to Know about UserTiming, NavigationTiming and ResourceTiming

Written by Nic Jansma (a software developer at SOASTA who works on mPulse and Boomerang), this ebook offers a fantastic, comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to get started with various timings. Topics include:

Why performance matters

  • Three of the most common performance viewpoints for a web application
  • The role of the W3C webperf working group
  • The history of NavigationTiming, ResourceTiming, and UserTiming
  • In-depth look at how each timing works
  • Pros and cons of each timing type
  • How to use each
  • Browser support for each
  • Roundup of DIY and commercial tools for each timing type

UserTiming is a trending topic in performance circles, and for good reason: it’s a great interface to log your performance metrics into a standardized interface. As more services and browsers support UserTiming, you’ll be able to see your data in more and more places. But as Cliff pointed out during our metrics talk, only 8% of leading ecommerce/retail sites has actually adopted UserTiming. This is a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve.

performance monitoring: custom timings

DOWNLOAD: Everything You Need to Know about UserTiming, NavigationTiming and ResourceTiming

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