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Cover Your Bases When Performance Testing

With the release of CloudTest Pro, SOASTA has reinforced a central theme of our Performance Test Methodology: expand your scope to include tried and true traditional methods of testing with the benefits of cloud testing: scale, speed, accuracy and flexibility.  CloudTest Pro makes it much easier to execute both internal and external testing without sacrificing control over your testing processes.  Also, it’s not just a matter of where you generate the load, you must test with a purpose.  CloudTest Pro CloudTest Pro makes it much easier to execute both internal and external testing.  We believe it’s not enough to simply measure end user experience or find out when bandwidth is saturated.  Important information?  Of course, but hardly the only keys to confidence.

To gain confidence you need to identify the things that are in your control and that you can address.  Can you improve the performance of the ecommerce shopper who’s at the end of a DSL line on a 3-year-old computer while the Roku box is streaming Netflix?  Of course, but not by buying all of your end users faster Internet access and better computers.  It’ll be by doing the same things you’d do to improve performance for everyone: ensuring that your web pages, applications, infrastructure, network and third party providers are performing optimally.

The main tenants of the SOASTA’s Performance Test Methodology include:

  • Testing both in the lab and live, web-based applications in production
  • Leveraging the Cloud to test at both typical and peak traffic levels, from hundreds of users to millions
  • Responding to the acceleration of development cycle times by making agile performance testing a realistic alternative
  • Generating geographically dispersed load for a valid representation of real-world traffic
  • Generating both internal and external load and using both the lab and production environments for the most efficient and effective results
  • Analyzing Performance Intelligence in real time to speed problem resolution

We’ve advocated external testing because it’s important to understand the performance from different geographic regions.  It’s also the most realistic and valid way to generate user traffic.  A complete suite of testing includes tests designed to identify specific issues or establish baseline metrics.  Comprehensive testing will often include stress, spike, endurance, failover, capacity and break-point tests in addition to understanding response times.  Make sure you’re getting a 360 degree view of performance.  For more thoughts on the topic, check out this post from last year: What Does Performance Testing Mean?

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