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Three reasons why CMOs need a new Starship Enterprise

Website performance monitoring for Chief Marketing Officers

Rarely as a marketer do I have the chance to introduce something I need myself.

Well, that’s exactly what I did at the GrowthBeat Summit a couple of weeks ago. The nice folks at VentureBeat invited me to demo the next-gen CMO Digital Operations Center™ (DOC), the new “USS Starship Enterprise” for modern CMOs who need a single command center for monitoring the customer experience, conversions, and digital marketing performance in real time.

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Here’s a sampling of what I heard from the audience:

  • “Our digital marketing organization is in the dark ages.”
  • “I’m spending a lot on digital marketing programs, but I don’t see the ROI.”
  • “I just don’t know how to get my arms around the marketing data challenge.”
  • “I need to shift marketing spend across my marketing mix based on real-time campaign performance. Why can’t I do that?”
  • “I have two main pain points—I have no idea what’s working and no idea what my user experience is like.”

Their comments, ironically, revealed a real need in the marketplace for a solution like CMO DOC:

1. The methods and tools most CMOs use to evaluate data are highly inefficient and reactive.

Marketers want to function like a starship captain, with a solution that delivers:

  • Real-time insight into campaign performance, user experience and conversion.
  • The opportunity to optimize a campaign while it is underway.

2. CMOs care about “why”.

They need real-time customer experience performance management, i.e. the ability to see what customers and doing and how they are interacting with digital assets — in other words, how they’re voting with their eyeballs and wallets. This is a view that most CMOs don’t get to see today. Instead, they have to go to many different places to gather data, and the process doesn’t occur in real time. In addition, they aren’t able to drill down — they can identify trends, but they can’t explain “why”.

3. “Nice to have” is not the same as “must have”.

CMOs are recognizing the importance of a high-performing IT stack. It’s the underpinning of their “storefront”, but most CMOs never see how it’s working (or not working), because IT is typically the domain of the CIO. Marketers need to see the big picture — including marketing, IT and user experience — in order to identify and resolve problems and thus maximize monetization. The CMO DOC connects the dots between marketing, the customers, business and IT. This is what makes it an ideal solution for modern marketers.

The role of the CMO is becoming far more complex and technologically daunting.

What keeps CMOs up at night? Based on my audience’s feedback, I’d say they are simply overwhelmed with too many tools and too many technologies—most of which are not integrated—and too few insights. They need a “battle bridge” command center to manage the deluge of data, and most marketing technology tools function in silos and don’t provide the insights that CMOs need to identify and resolve problems across the marketing mix.

I know first-hand how challenging customer intelligence silos have been. Marketers truly lack a single source of truth providing real-time, actionable insights. But with tools like the CMO DOC, a marketer can more easily isolate problems, optimize campaigns and drive higher marketing ROI.

This was the message I delivered at VentureBeat GrowthBeat. Given the attendees’ reaction to the CMO DOC demonstration, I think they can finally envision themselves as Captain Kirk, boldly guiding their data-driven marketing organizations through the frontier of intelligent marketing and effectively delivering great customer experiences and revenue like never before.

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