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How to improve performance testing from the Azure Cloud

How to improve load testing from the Azure Cloud

Recently in the SOASTA 55.20 update we added support for Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM), a management feature of Microsoft Azure. After moving to this latest CloudTest release, you’ll find great improvements in speed and reliability of Azure servers in your load and performance tests.

What is Azure?

Maybe you’re not familiar with Azure, the collection of integrated cloud services from Microsoft. Azure has all of the services you might want from a cloud provider, including compute, data and storage, analytics, networking, CDN, and much more.


For CloudTest users, Azure provides thirteen datacenters around the world, six of them in the United States, each with lots of servers that provision quickly and run reliably, meeting your testing needs for more load servers and locations. With Azure, you can perform larger and deeper performance testing and load testing from more places.

How to get started

CloudTest gives you great access to the best cloud partners for performance and load testing, and the SOASTA 55.20 release provides great improvements for testing from Microsoft Azure.

Adding Microsoft Azure as a CloudTest Cloud provider account takes just a few minutes. Get detailed instructions here. Happy testing!

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