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Written by Connie Quach, SOASTA VP Product Management

It’s hard to believe that the first quarter just flew by and we are now heading into warmer months, getting ready for summer. Already this year we’ve welcomed dozens of new customers including Huawei in China! As SOASTA and our product line continues to gain momentum and recognition throughout the industry, our team has been growing to accommodate the expanding needs of our customers, adding enhancements and new features across the board. At the same time, we continue to build and refine our customer feedback loop about the product roadmap. Finally, if you are heading to any of the upcoming industry shows or events, come join us, say “hi” to our team and see the products in action.

What’s new?

  • Our Global Test Cloud just got bigger! With the addition of new providers, partners, and locations, you can test your mobile and web app from major cities across the world and at scale. Most recently, we announced that we’ve added Google Compute Engine to the long list of cloud providers we support in CloudTest. As the public cloud expands, new load generators can be also now be provisioned from major cities in Africa, Australia, China, Japan, South America, Taiwan and Europe.
  • More Continuous Integration support. We enhanced our Jenkins plugin, adding performance thresholds with the ability to Pass or Fail the tests. This enables teams to begin managing projects with an early eye on performance! Plus, we’ve added new support for Atlassian’s Bamboo CI solution.
  • TouchTest Private Device Cloud launched in April is worth a mention! Don’t forget that any tests you build and run on the SOASTA platform run in fully integrated scenarios. For mobile testing, you can run complete end-to-end validations of your mobile apps that include load testing of the backend with full coverage of front-end performance and functionality of mobile devices in a private lab!

Product Enhancements

  • Support for extracting values from JSON document responses using JSONPath. This change allows you to extract values from JSON responses using a query language that was designed specifically with JSON in mind, and doesn’t have the restrictions of XPath.
  • CloudTest Grid Manager users can now proceed with the servers already allocated in Grid Manager’s Summary and Deploy / Tear down page any time after the Deploy Instances button is clicked.
  • Improvements to Custom Java Modules making it easier for CloudTest users to do asynchronous communication, such as found in full-duplex protocols such as the WebSocket protocol, in which both the server and client can push data simultaneously.
  • UI Improvements include Dark theme look, improved visual feedback in drag and drop actions on the Dashboard, as well as Widget-on-Widget layout, which provides the ability to float widgets on top of other widgets.

darkdash (Dark dashboard option)

  • The Clip Editor has been enhanced to allow cut, copy, and paste of waits, validations, propsets, and outputs in the inline functional editors of Browser Actions, App Actions, and Database Actions.

We never stop innovating here at SOASTA! We want your feedback and ideas, so be sure to continue to take full advantage of CloudLink to stay in touch, and let us know how we can keep delivering for you!

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