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The Car, The Driver & The GPS

When my kids were little we’d take the trip from the Bay Area to visit the in-laws in LA at night, hoping they’d sleep the entire 5-6 hour drive. Much of that drive runs through California’s Central Valley: farmland, ranchland and more farmland. So, on a moon-less night with two sleeping toddlers in the back, when my dashboard lights went completely dark (the result of a blown fuse) it was a very scary moment.

It’s often said that information is power. I’d lost the speedometer, GPS, fuel level and every other indicator on my dashboard. I was powerless, and in danger. How does that relate to load and performance testing? Imagine pushing load against your website without immediately being able to see the impact. Or, if you can see the metrics, without the ability to interpret their meaning and take action. What if you’re not even sure about what business scenarios to use or types of tests to run?

Unfortunately, this lack of information and skill is far too prevalent. Good performance testing is part art, part science and lots of experience. That’s one reason why it’s so often skipped in the devops process. Another reason is time. Finding the right people with the time to build, execute and analyze performance tests is a challenge for companies big and small. Time and expertise are the primary reasons SOASTA has been so successful with CloudTest On-Demand. With CloudTest On-Demand we provide the car, the driver and the GPS (along with a functioning dashboard!). This allows us to affordably execute performance tests on our customer’s mobile and web applications, quickly and at scale.


Cloud Test on Demand

This service combines SOASTA CloudTest and Global Test Cloud (the car), expertise from our certified performance engineers (the driver), and SOASTA’s best practices and methodologies (the GPS).

The Car: CloudTest changed the game of performance testing by leveraging the cloud to dramatically lower the cost and speed time to test. The cloud also provides instant infrastructure and enables massive scale. CloudTest utilizes a patented visual paradigm for creating and executing tests. This unique approach enables faster testing cycles since writing time-consuming code isn’t a requirement for creating tests. Tests that might take weeks to create using code-based tools can be created in hours or days. Real-time dashboards provide immediate feedback, making tests much more interactive and actionable.

The Driver: SOASTA’s performance engineers are certified experts in SOASTA CloudTest and the Global Test Cloud. The team has executed large and sophisticated load and performance tests for major events such as the Olympics and the Mars Landing, as well as getting the world’s largest retailers ready for promotions and peak seasonal traffic. The team has also guided smaller companies with little or no performance expertise to find and fix issues, and feel confident with the release of a new website or mobile app. Indeed, there is very little this collective team hasn’t experienced in the load and performance testing space.


Load and Performance Testing

The GPS: The innovative features of SOASTA CloudTest, which leverages the power of the cloud to test beyond full scale, enables testing against production using real-time dashboards. CloudTest has the speed and agility to test early and often. This requires a new testing methodology. Unencumbered by the restrictions of legacy tools, SOASTA has taken an updated approach to load and performance testing. These best practices and methodologies are incorporated into the recommendations and processes that SOASTA follows during an engagement.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.32.55 PM

As a result of unique test building and test execution approaches enabled by CloudTest, an organization can test within hours or days – compared to weeks or months with competitive solutions. This unique combination of speed, scale, geographic presence, affordability, and performance expertise enables organizations the flexibility of responsive, turnkey testing from SOASTA.

With CloudTest On-Demand you get the car, driver and GPS to successfully navigate to your destination: well performing web and mobile applications. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I had extra fuses with me and, after a spot of panic, enjoyed a safe and quiet ride down I-5.

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