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Nic Jansma

Nic is a software developer building high-performance websites, apps, and open-source tools as a Director of Engineering at SOASTA, where he works on mPulse and Boomerang. He is also a Microsoft MVP for IE.

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Single page application best practices introduction visual

In the year since SOASTA announced support for monitoring the performance of single page applications (SPAs), we’ve been continually improving how we help our customers measure their apps. We’ve learned a lot from our customers from how they are building their single page apps. Many of our monitoring improvements are being driven by the variety of websites that our customers are building, […]

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Compressing ResourceTiming

At SOASTA, we’re building tools and services to help our customers understand and improve the performance of their websites. Our mPulse product utilizes real user monitoring to capture data about page-load performance. For browser-side data collection, mPulse uses Boomerang, which beacons every single page-load experience back to our real time analytics engine. Boomerang utilizes NavigationTiming […]

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