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August webinars: Mobile RUM, third-party performance at CBSi, and how Lowe’s and Office Depot use DPM

This August is summer school here at SOASTA. We’ve got a fantastic line-up of webinars covering topics such as the latest in mobile monitoring trends, load testing for your peak season, and measuring the impact of third parties on your site’s performance. Details and signup links below.

Mobile Trends in Universal RUM Solutions

August 9, 2016 • 10am PT / 1pm ET

There’s a huge body of research demonstrating that page load time has a significant impact on business metrics ranging from conversions and revenue to user satisfaction and retention. Because of this, organizations are adopting a variety of solutions — including single-page application (SPA) and Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) frameworks — to deliver better, faster mobile experiences for their users.

To effectively measure and correlate performance to business metrics, organizations are employing Real User Monitoring (RUM) solutions coupled with SPA and AMP support.

Lauren Younger (Director of Product Management, SOASTA) and Nic Jansma (Senior Software Engineer, SOASTA) will walk you through SPA and AMP frameworks in modern applications, and will show you best practices about how to monitor them in RUM, enabling you to understand and optimize performance across all form factors and to increase conversions and revenue.


Load Testing for Your Peak Season

August 10, 2016 • 11am PT / 2pm ET

With the second half of 2016 upon us, many companies are entering their peak season — whether it’s back-to-school, holiday shopping, end-of-year and next year planning.

If you don’t know what to test, you might miss key paths through your site and customers might experience poor performance on your web and mobile site and apps. Save yourself multiple headaches and join Tom Chavez (Senior Evangelist, SOASTA) and Mike Ostenberg (Senior Solutions Engineer, SOASTA) to learn not only what to test, but how to test your web and mobile performance before your peak demand.


Welcome to the Intelligent Testing Revolution!

August 23, 2016 • 10am PT / 1pm ET

Whether for holiday readiness, specific events, or general performance, many organizations struggle to create accurate testing plans. Why? Because they lack visibility into exactly how their customers behave.

This webinar, hosted by SD Times and led by Dan Bartow (Principal Product Designer, SOASTA) and Lauren Younger (Director of Product Management, SOASTA), will explore the details of how test plans are typically created and how they can be drastically enhanced — and even automated — by using actual user behavior data to ensure accuracy and efficacy.


Turning Digital Performance into Competitive Advantage at Lowe’s and Office Depot

August 25, 2016 • 11am PT / 2pm ET | 1 Hour

Time is money! In today’s hyper-digital world, digital performance means business performance. If you’re customer’s digital experience is lacking, your revenue will suffer. Customers are – rightly – expecting every touchpoint with the companies they do business with to work every time, at top speed. If you drop the ball – even for a few seconds – you’ll lose business, and worse, you’ll lose customers.

Carl Brisco (VP Ecommerce, Office Depot), Trey Kistler (Director of IT Ecommerce, Lowe’s), and Jason Bloomberg (President, Intellyx) will share their knowledge and experience of how Digital Performance Management (DPM) technologies and services exist to help companies identify critical weaknesses and performance bottlenecks across their digital assets.

By providing clear insights and guidance, Digital Performance Management tools make it possible to get ahead of potential performance challenges before they’re discovered – the hard way – by your customers.


What You Don’t Know about Third Party Scripts Can Hurt You!

August 30, 2016 • 10am PT / 1pm ET

Your website is probably one of the primary revenue drivers in your company. But do you know what’s really happening to your visitors? If you have third party components on your site, how do you manage the risk and the ROI of the tools provided by these parties?

Join the discussion with web performance experts Scott Lowe (Partner, ActualTech Media) and Buddy Brewer (SVP Product, SOASTA) to get a better understanding of the impact third party scripts can have on your site. They will be joined by Jason Trester (Senior Director of Site Engineering, CBS Interactive), who will share how CBSi has gained deep insight into third-party performance and transformed its audience’s experience.


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