Run More Tests and Find More Issues

Do you get so mired in the complexity of building tests, obtaining and provisioning hardware, collecting data, and analyzing results that you only have time for a few large tests? Would you rather rapidly execute a series of tests with incremental and progressive objectives? An effective performance-testing approach minimizes pre-test preparation and focuses on productive issue identification and resolution.

In this webinar, join Dr. Neil Gunther, Creator of Guerilla Capacity Planning, and Dan Bartow, SOASTA’s VP of Performance Engineering, to learn how to execute more tests that deliver actionable information in less time. You will learn:

  • How to reduce time-to-test with rapid test development
  • Why it is critical to run many iterative performance tests
  • Why control is key when running tests in production environments
  • How to collect and correlate relevant data across the entire system under test

Dr. Gunther will explore transforming performance data into actionable information. Then Dan Bartow will demonstrate how one of the world’s largest retailers is using CloudTest to execute hundreds of tests in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.