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Past Webinars

The Mobile App Testing Checklist

Testing mobile apps is different. There are more form factors, more combinations, more complexity and more users. Watch this webinar to learn the critical elements of a mobile app testing checklist.

Secrets to Realistic Performance Testing

Join us to explore best practices of leading retailers and ecommerce companies who have implemented cloud testing with real user monitoring to ensure their site performs when it matters most.

Agile Load Testing in the Real World

Join our Webinar to learn how a top tier manufacturer transformed their ability to deliver high quality projects, faster, by adapting their load testing to fit an agile development approach.

Real User Monitoring: The Secret Weapon for Quality

Real User Monitoring (RUM) helps you to stop guessing about what to test. When you see where your users are, when they lose patience, their peak usage by the minute, and precise web and mobile traffic composition, you know exactly what to test.

How VerbalizeIt Prepared for 700% Increase in Website Visitors

VerbalizeIt, a human-powered translation platform for businesses, was selected to appear on the popular Shark Tank TV show. Launching a completely revamped website, VerbalizeIt turned to SOASTA for cloud testing to ensure that their technology held up under the heavy spike in traffic.

Top 10 Tips For Better Web Performance

To help you prepare for web traffic spikes associated with seasonal readiness, promotions or special online events, SOASTA has compiled a list of the top 10 performance testing tips you need to deliver world class web sites.

The Four Hats of Load and Performance Testing

Performance testing may be the most critical function to assuring business success and continuity under unexpected application stress conditions. In this webinar hear how good teams effectively utilize the skills associated with the four hats of performance testing:

Does Your Website Have What It Takes?

SOASTA, whose CloudTest is used by hundreds of companies to assure web and mobile users are delivered the best experience under extreme traffic demands, will be imparting critical tips for optimizing the performance of your websites.

How to Close the Mobile App Quality Gap

Learn how test and development managers can take advantage of the mobile transformation to build world-class solutions that bridge testing gaps, compress delivery cycles and optimize app quality

Process Compression in the Mobile App Delivery Cycle

Automation is not an option for mobile development, it’s a requirement. Delivery deadlines come faster, yet test matrices get deeper. Teams must cover different use-cases, devices, mobile operating systems and browsers, so determining what to automate first is the challenge.

Testing in Production Advances with Big Data and the Cloud

Testing in Production (TiP) has moved from taboo to accepted practice owing to its ability to measure reality and provide actionable feedback. These risks can be mitigated by using proven methodologies, methodologies borne of experience and tools built specifically to handle TiP’s unique requirements.

The Keys To World-Class Retail Web Performance

The holiday rush of mobile and web traffic to your web site has the potential for unprecedented success or spectacular public failure.  The world’s leading retailers have turned to the cloud to assure that no matter what load, mobile and web apps will delight customers and protect revenue.

Agile Testing At High Velocity

Scott Barber, testing thought leader and author, and Dan Bartow, SOASTA’s cloud testing evangelist, provided real-world tips and technologies for fast and complete testing for mobile and web apps.