Performance Testing

Deliver Uncompromising Results

Development and testing teams face relentless pressure to ensure their software can deliver the uncompromising performance that users demand. In many organizations, this process requires worldwide collaboration throughout the entire software development cycle. Put simply, performance is the speed at which your web pages render for your visitors. To measure this – and truly understand how performance affects your visitors – you need to employ a variety of strategies, starting with a website performance test.  

Take a holistic approach.

Maximizing web performance requires end-to-end optimization – bandwidth, load balancing, application code, databases, user connectivity, configuration settings, shared environments, and third-party services – and SOASTA’s, Load Testing tool, CloudTest® offers the most complete set of performance testing capabilities. With CloudTest, you can simultaneously monitor real user experiences, back-end systems, and infrastructure. Display actual traffic with key details such as connection, DNS lookup, and HTTPS handshake times. Directly load test databases by defining connection parameters and creating SQL statements. Understand the impact of third-party systems with the ability to view transactions by domain to easily differentiate response times and error rates. And create a central repository for all test assets – including CPU and memory settings – to compare results and ensure configurations are applied consistently across multiple environments.

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Continuously test and monitor.

You know that testing is a critical step before a new software release, but are you continuously testing from the lab to production? Some issues, such as those related to third-party services, content delivery networks, and bandwidth constraints, will only appear in production, not a testlab or staging environment. With embedded real user monitoring capabilities, CloudTest provides the most comprehensive, scalable platform for understanding and optimizing performance – from your client-side user experience all the way through to your backend infrastructure. With CloudTest, you can measure real user scenarios and use that information to quickly build and execute tests that analyze site or application performance, under the most realistic – and demanding – circumstances.