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Mission to Mars

We seem to have a fascination with Mars. Brian De Palma produced a movie about it starring Tim Robbins, Gary Sinese and Don Cheadle no less. David Bowie wrote the song Is There Life on Mars?

While we still don’t know if there’s life on Mars, at 10:31 PT tonight a significant advancement will be made in space history: NASA’s Curiosity Rover will land on Mars.

Our performance engineers have been working with the amazing teams from NASA, JPL, and Amazon to broadcast live pictures from Mars. We ran extensive performance tests to prepare for 100s of Gbs of streaming video to be beamed back to earth to be watched by millions of people worldwide, including in Times Square.

The SOASTA team is pleased to play a small part in this historic event.

Watch the landing here on NASA TV.

Some additional facts for those of you, who, like us, find this fascinating:

  • The car-sized, six-wheel lab is searching for two things on its mission to the Red Planet: signs of environments where life might have existed and the capacity of those environments to preserve evidence of past life.
  • @nasa has 2.5 million followers
  • @MarsCuriosity has 188,000 followers
  • Curiosity’s Facebook page has 49,000 likes

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