I Hate “Some Assembly is Required” Services!

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Recently, I read a blog that suggested that there were now only three players in cloud computing. They were listed as Platform vendors (PaaS), Infrastructure Vendors (IaaS), and Software Vendors (SaaS). It seemed logical to me, until I began to think that what do not want, is having to buy three services to do one thing and then to find a big sign reading “Some Assembly Required”.  I have always hated those three words at Christmas time, but perhaps I hate them even more when I’m at work. Then why is it, that when I buy many of the “Software as a Service” solutions out there these days, I then have to go out and buy the platform (Cloud) and infrastructure to run them on. Why isn’t software, infrastructure and platform all packaged and delivered as a single priced, easy to consume service? Isn’t that what cloud services were intended to be? Seems to me that we need a fourth category!

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