Cloud Computing is Changing How we Test Web Sites Forever!

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Okay, I know I’m biased, but as the rest of the blogging world focuses their attention on the “Cloud Platform Wars”, debating endlessly on which Cloud platform vendor will emerge as the “winner” in the coming years, quietly, several companies (from young start-ups to enterprise class) are leveraging the access, availability and affordability of Cloud Computing for testing their Web sites.  Even more amazingly, they are testing without even considering which Cloud platform they are using.  They are Cloud Testing!

Load, Performance, and Stress testing Web sites has been a black art of Web development shops for years. . . requiring a huge amount of compute power, expertise, and expensive system and test software. The total cost of Performance testing has reached an estimated $30,000/test hour. . . making testing costs prohibitive for most companies. That is, until Cloud Testing emerged in 2008.

Now companies are leveraging the limitless power of Cloud Computing to simulate Web (scale) traffic to test their sites before going into LIVE production. They are greatly reducing the occurrences of performance related errors, latency, and actual site crashes while reducing the cost of testing down to $1,000/test hour.

So, while the rest of the world tries to figure out whether or not Cloud Computing is for real, we are seeing many customers seeking a higher level of reliability for their web sites,  at a lower cost, finding a real value proposition in Cloud Computing.

Cloud Testing is Changing How we Test Web Sites Forever!

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