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There's little question that a correlation exists between web and mobile application performance and user behavior. But simply possessing this knowledge isn't enough anymore. You need to measure how application performance is affecting user behavior in real time, and more important, how to translate this data into actionable business intelligence. Intelligence that lets you optimize your mobile applications and web sites to create unsurpassed user experiences, and ultimately bring performance metrics in line with your business objectives. Real User Monitoring, the foundation of our mPulse solution, is the only data analysis approach that provides holistic and highly detailed insight into the relationship between application performance and real user behavior in real time.

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Enterprise companies are now gaining valuable insights into how performance is affecting real users.

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There is a strong correlation between page load time and human behavior. If users cannot engage quickly with sites and apps, their user experience suffers and they will take their business elsewhere ... Read more

Gain insight from the source

Collecting data directly from a user’s browser or mobile application in real time, RUM captures performance metrics such as bandwidth and page load times as well as engagement metrics like bounce, and conversion rates. RUM also gathers mobile user metrics like user location, device type, carrier speed and application usage to complete the total perspective.

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Once aggregated, RUM then presents actionable views of this data via stunning dashboards populated instantly via the industry’s first in-memory analytics engine. You are provided second-by-second views of real user activity broken down by such segments as page groups, browser type, bandwidth distribution, and geography.

Act on what matters

With this information at your fingertips, teams across your entire organization, including line of business managers, now have the real user intelligence they need to correlate the impact of performance on the bottom line, take immediate action as required, and ultimately prioritize resources and efforts on improving the key performance indicators that matter most to your business.


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SOASTA mPulse supports a wide range of technologies. So that it's easy and fast to incorporate real user monitoring into your current infrastructure.

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