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Fast, scalable, accurate and affordable.

In the past, web performance testing solutions could offer any two of the benefits above. Add a third? Difficult. All four? Forget it. But things have changed. Affordable testing at any scale? Check. Rapid, iterative testing in a visual environment? Yes. Precise, real-time, actionable result sets? Of course. Powerful test start, pause, stop, modify, re-start and analyze features? You bet. Can you get all of that in one package? Yes, that too. It’s a new world, and you really can have it all. Read more.

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Enterprises worldwide trust SOASTA’s performance and load testing tools to ensure that their Web sites are ready for prime time.

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Accurate, affordable and scalable

Realistic, affordable testing at scale. CloudTest uses the cloud to make that a reality. You no longer need to utilize outdated techniques to approximate live production conditions or full-scale load generation. No more cutting corners.

Real-world testing

The elasticity of our Global Test Cloud provides immediate access to tens of thousands of servers worldwide. Set up and tear down global test servers quickly and easily.

Comprehensive testing

CloudTest delivers internal and external testing throughout the application lifecycle. From development to production, its affordability and powerful capabilities allow you to implement low-scale testing at development and complete, full-scale, global testing in production.


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SOASTA CloudTest supports a wide range of technologies. So that it's easy and fast to incorporate cloud testing into your current infrastructure.