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Developing business-critical mobile or web applications? Last-minute, traffic-spiking promotion, event or ad campaign about to run? Don’t have the testing expertise on hand required to ensure that everything will work as planned—and won’t break under load? Outsource performance testing with the best. When it comes to cloud testing as a service we have the most experienced cloud testing engineers on the planet. We’ve conducted tens of thousand of tests. We help you strategize and execute tests to your specifications. At any scale. No need to invest in software or provision costly hardware. We handle it all. So you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

Our customers

Enterprises worldwide trust SOASTA’s managed testing services to ensure that their web sites are ready for prime time.

Our thinking

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Fast results

Development and production cycles are compressed. QA teams are stretched thin. Sometimes you just don’t have the resources, time or expertise to adequately test. That’s a business risk. SOASTA Managed Performance Testing Services provides the testing expertise and manpower you need to ensure your apps and websites are rock-solid—and we do it fast.

Business alignment

What are the business requirements? Do they align with testing? Is performance testing integrated into the development cycle? What are the KPIs? Is testing mapping to them? Before you can test, you need a testing strategy that aligns with business requirements.

Precise execution

So, your testing strategy is now aligned with business requirements. How do you deliver on that strategy? From defining roles and responsibilities to architecting the test execution model, we’ll spell everything out for you step by step.

Confident releases

Once strategy and execution are defined, SOASTA can assist with or completely manage test execution. Not only that, but we’ll analyze the results. We take the load off of load and performance testing.



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Technologies supported

SOASTA CloudTest supports a wide range of technologies. So that it's easy and fast to incorporate cloud testing into your current infrastructure.