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If your app doesn’t perform, users will find another that will. The cost? Lost business and lower ratings that keep future users away. To keep up with continuous update cycles, always-on customers, and fierce competition, a continuous approach to mobile app testing is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. SOASTA TouchTest® addresses this need with the most precise, scalable, and robust mobile application testing solution, helping you consistently deliver the high quality mobile apps your customers demand.

Test your mobile app across a wide range of devices.

Before you develop and test, you must consider the devices that will be used to access your app. You need to test across all operating systems and hardware, so you can be confident your app will work successfully, no matter the device. SOASTA TouchTest offers both public and private mobile device clouds for manual and automated testing across the latest devices – you can even compare multiple devices at once. By using real devices and gestures to simulate user interactions, TouchTest delivers a more accurate understanding of how your app will perform.

Save time by automating mobile app testing.

Build one test, then execute one-to-many or many-to-many tests on a variety of devices – simultaneously and hands-free. Automating your mobile application testing is the best way to achieve the quick, precise results you need to accommodate fast development cycles. The unique object-level approach of TouchTest allows for in-the-app data collection, a more stable architecture for reliable, low-maintenance testing. It precisely captures and plays back all multi-touch gestures – with the same velocity, duration, and acceleration – on real devices. You can use TouchTest on its own or as a component of your continuous integration (CI) process through integration with Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo, Microsoft Visual Studio Online, and more.

eBook: 7 Steps to Pragmatic Mobile Testing

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