Six of the top 10 US retailers trust SOASTA CloudTest to performance test their eCommerce sites.

Retailers competing in the high-pressure world of eCommerce have to provide an interesting and compelling shopping experience while being sure it’s also fast and reliable. Shoppers have proven to be discriminating and easily move from one online store to another.

At no time is this more important than during the holiday buying season.

Balancing performance with the rich content often used to capture a specific design goal can be a struggle. Marketing departments spend millions of dollars promoting events intended to drive users to the site. Web developers build compelling sites to enable a visitor to easily navigate between ‘departments’ and effectively sift through a range of size, color, style and other product attributes. While these content-rich sites are visually attractive and more easily understood (hopefully!), they can also cause performance issues as traffic grows.

Third-party content is quite common on eCommerce sites, including ads, cross-promotions, and relevant consumer information. This content can add functionality or information to a site, but it also adds a layer of traffic and complexity that you may or may not control. Understanding the impact of this content is critical to managing the overall performance of the site. And, of course, the goal of any eCommerce site is to sell products. Back-end and third-party systems for payment processing, authorization, inventory checking and more can also add performance challenges.

In fact, Aberdeen Group found that 50% of companies lost revenue opportunities because of poorly performing applications and 32% experienced damage to their brand reputation. With most users more than willing to share their experience on Facebook or Twitter, the news of a poorly performing site can spread around the globe in minutes.

Successful etailers rely on SOASTA CloudTest to be sure their mobile and web apps perform as intended even under peak load.