Mobile App Testing with TouchTest

Smart devices demand smarter testing. Meet TouchTest® from SOASTA®. TouchTest delivers revolutionary functional test automation capabilities for multi-touch, gesture-based applications. Need to check how mobile apps behave under real-world conditions? TouchTest lets you capture and play back all possible actions and gestures, no matter how complex, and then run tests on your own private device cloud. No jailbreaking or tethering required. Today's devices are pretty smart—give yourself the edge with even smarter mobile app testing with TouchTest.

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Capture and Playback with Precision

Capture and playback all gestures at the object level using TouchTest. Collect the precise journey and velocity between start, stop and end points. ...Read More


Build and Run Tests Fast

Spend your time more effectively by designing tests, not building them. Then execute your tests with confidence at lightning speed on any number of devices. ...Read More


Deliver Continuous Feedback

Automate checks on every critical action and gesture, image and output. See what fails, and isolate the source, fast. ...Read More

Smarter mobile app testing for smarter
mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets are getting smarter. It’s time there was a mobile app testing solution as intelligent—if not more so. TouchTest is that solution. Conventional mobile app testing tools that use emulation and optical recognition, and that require coding, are far too slow and imprecise for today’s rapid development cycles and complex apps. TouchTest is anything but conventional. It’s revolutionary.

  • Capture and playback of all continuous touch gestures precisely—including pan, pinch, zoom, and scroll on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android mobile devices
  • Replace brittle optical recognition testing approaches with touch-based UI testing from that enables validations based on variable values and internal app state changes
  • Control of test devices via IP address, eliminating the need for tethering, jailbreaking or contracting with expensive third-party services
  • Support affordable testing with real devices in your lab or across the globe

Now, using the SOASTA Platform, developers can integrate performance testing across the mobile application lifecycle. Performance metrics are available during functional testing to catch performance issues early, and functional testing can be integrated with performance testing later to measure the impact of load on user experience.

Everyone is looking for a smarter way to test mobile apps. Check out the testing solution that’s infinitely more intelligent.