Performance is everything to your end-users, but how do you analyze its business impact? Only with mPulse from SOASTA. mPulse connects and analyzes 100% of the performance data from every web and mobile user, and correlates this data with your critical business metrics – all in real time. With mPulse, you get the actionable intelligence needed to compete and win with today's digital audience.

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Business Relevance

Revenue is measured in milliseconds. Connect business and user metrics to optimize your digital business performance – and revenue.

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Accurate Analytics

Collect and analyze all of your user data in real time. Since the data is kept forever, you can dive deeper to spot trends and gain business insights.

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Actionable Intelligence

With real-time user data you can see delays as they occur and analyze object level data to find and fix performance bottlenecks fast.

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Real-Time Data for Complete Visibility

With the increased speed of browsers and devices, users are no longer tolerant of poor-performing web and mobile application apps. As an application owner, you need to have complete visibility into your users’ experience right now. Real-time analytics, collected from real user experiences, lets you make business critical decisions fast…with confidence.

SOASTA mPulse is the only real-user monitoring (RUM) choice that connects performance to your business results. Are you ready to Perform at Your Peak?