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Real-Time, Real-User Intelligence for a Multi-Platform World.

There's no question that web and mobile application performance affects end-user behavior—but how do you put that information to good use? With RUM—Real User Monitoring, delivered by SOASTA mPulse. mPulse collects and analyzes every byte of performance data about Web and mobile users—in real time—giving you the intelligence you need to identify and predict the impact performance has on your bottom line. The right people are alerted with the relevant information to take appropriate action and feed critical information back into the development lifecycle. All data is presented in vivid, insightful formats, based on what matters most to you.

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SOASTA mPulse WhatIf Analysis

Predict the Future

Response times alone won’t tell you if users are happy. Predictive analysis enables users to explore "What If" scenarios to determine the impact of performance changes on business results. mPulse lets you see the whole picture by framing performance… Read more


Real Time Visualization

Cutting-edge visualization in mPulse creates vivid, interactive and easy-to-understand views of how web and mobile performance impacts business. mPulse offers multi-dimensional analysis that lets you drill down into data by page groups, browser, mobile operating system, geography, bandwidth… Read more


Measure All Your Real Users

What matters most to your business is the ability to measure real-user experiences from every consumer of your site or app, whether they’re on web and mobile browsers, or native IOS and Android devices. With SOASTA mPulse, you… Read more

Real-Time Data for Complete Visibility

With the increased speed of browsers and devices, users are no longer tolerant of poor-performing web and mobile application apps. As an application owner, you need to have complete visibility into your users’ experience right now. Real-time analytics, collected from real user experiences, lets you make business critical decisions fast…with confidence.

SOASTA mPulse is the only real-user monitoring (RUM) choice that connects performance to your business results. Are you ready to Perform at Your Peak?