Today’s performance engineers and QA professionals are being asked to test web sites and mobile applications faster, more rigorously, and at scale—for less cost. No problem! That’s what CloudTest does best. Build, execute, and analyze performance tests on a single, powerful, intuitive platform. Then use our Global Test Cloud to scale your tests to any load testing requirement, up to millions of geographically dispersed mobile or web users. When you need to test faster and bigger, the SOASTA platform makes it easier.

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Real-Time Analytics

Actionable information for performance engineers Built from the ground up by the SOASTA engineering team, with more than 20 years of Business Intelligence experience, CloudTest analytics leverages SOASTA’s real-time OLAP engine to provide the actionable Performance Intelligence necessary to allow testers… Read more


Global Test Cloud

Built on leading cloud provider platforms The Global Test Cloud enables companies of all sizes to simulate traffic for load and performance testing web and mobile applications by leveraging the elasticity and power of Cloud Computing. This platform enables cross-cloud… Read more


Visual Test Environment

Our patented visual testing environment allows you to create even the most complex tests without any coding. Combined with our real-time analytics engine, you can execute iterative testing at unheard of speeds. Orchestrate killer tests by creating them just… Read more

Rapid, iterative testing throughout the lifecycle.

Performance engineers rarely want to execute a single test. You execute a series of tests, building upon prior test results. CloudTest’s real-time analytics, visual test creation environment, dynamic test-grid provisioning and the ability to start, stop, pause and restart tests give you complete testing flexibility, and they accelerate the iterative testing process.

With that acceleration comes a reduction in time and expense for performance testing. You can then allocate that savings to low-scale testing in the earlier stages of development and QA. So rather than betting on a single flight of tests right before launch, you can afford more comprehensive testing throughout your development lifecycle. This delivers higher-performing applications and lowers your business risks. And who wouldn’t want that?


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