CloudTest® On-Demand

Are you launching a business-critical web or mobile application? Or a high-profile event or promotion that might spike web site traffic? Do you have the time, testing infrastructure, and resources required to be confident that it will perform under pressure in real-world conditions? Many organizations don’t. And that’s risky. CloudTest On-Demand mitigates that risk. It’s a turnkey testing solution. No need to buy software, provision hardware, or train valuable resources to execute tests. How cool is that?


Real-World Testing

CloudTest On-Demand simulates real conditions—from thousands of local users to millions of concurrent and geographically dispersed users.


On-Demand Provisioning

No need to source or purchase costly infrastructure. CloudTest On-Demand allocates and provisions required hardware and software in minutes.


Expert Performance Engineers

SOASTA performance engineers are ready when you need them. Highly capable and fast, they’ve planned, executed and analyzed some of most complex tests ever run.

Don’t have what you need to test like you want?
SOASTA does.

CloudTest On-Demand allows your organization to leverage the cloud for real-world performance testing and load testing at any scale. You simply outsource the software and infrastructure and trained resources to SOASTA. Here is what you get:

  • Top testing talent. Our accomplished performance engineers are at the ready. If you need them, we have the best. And they’re fast.
  • Real-world, on-demand testing. Simulate live traffic, from thousands of users to millions of users.
  • Deep analytics insight. We dynamically isolate latency, network, server, and application issues, providing guidance so your team can fix problems quickly.
  • Fast and dynamic provisioning. Scale resources for break point, capacity, baseline, spike responsiveness, fail-over ability, and more.

CloudTest On-Demand enables the fast and comprehensive testing of your web or mobile application. It delivers incredible insight, scales seamlessly up or down and does not require investment in expensive testing infrastructure and resources. It’s easy. And when we’re done, you’ll know your app can handle whatever gets thrown at it.


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