CloudTest® Lite

CloudTest is a powerful web and mobile testing platform. No question about it. CloudTest Lite is a free downloadable edition. It delivers rapid test creation, a visual interface, real-time analytics for test automation and performance testing throughout the application development lifecycle. Why is it free? It supports our mission of making powerful testing accessible to anyone. We want to empower developers, performance engineers and QA teams to test faster and more effectively. So, try CloudTest Lite. It’s revolutionary. And it’s free.

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Powerful Testing

Unlimited testing for a single user or mobile device, up to 100 virtual users. Web or mobile apps. Functional or performance testing. CloudTest Lite has it all.

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Precision Mobile Testing

TouchTest, inside CloudTest Lite, precisely captures and plays back all multi-touch gestures, including their journey and speed, on your real iOS or Android device.


Real-Time Analytics

Actionable information for performance engineers Built from the ground up by the SOASTA engineering team, with more than 20 years of Business Intelligence experience, CloudTest analytics leverages SOASTA’s real-time OLAP engine to provide the actionable Performance Intelligence necessary to allow testers… Read more

Reliable test automation.
Frequent performance testing.

CloudTest Lite’s web and mobile functional test automation enables testers and developers to deliver realistic tests with unparalleled speed and agility. It offers our visual test creation environment, distributed test execution, and powerful analytics. For mobile application testing, CloudTest Lite uses SOASTA’s mobile product, TouchTest, for single device testing. For web applications and web services, it runs on a Selenium core and supports the modern technologies that matter to you.

For load testing, speed and scale is a prominent CloudTest Lite benefit. Largely because it uses the same analytics engine as CloudTest and the same visual test creation environment. With CloudTest Lite you can:

  • Load test Web and mobile applications up to 100 simultaneous users
  • Automate mobile functional tests using your real iOS or Android device
  • Test modern web technologies like HTML5, Flash/Flex and Silverlight and SOAP and REST web services
  • Analyze results in real-time through an interactive, integrated dashboard
  • Plug into Continuous Integration servers for completely automated testing
  • Build tests that can be run at larger scale or on more mobile devices with CloudTest
  • Evaluate CloudTest for larger scale and broader deployment

CloudTest Lite is free. Download it now, and take it for a spin.