Real-world scale.
Real-world devices.
Real-world testing.

Real users are everywhere, millions of them, accessing your apps from a wide array of browsers and mobile devices. Fortunately, scale and device access are no longer barriers to accurate testing. SOASTA’s Global Test Cloud federates millions of cloud-based servers from every major cloud provider, as well as thousands of real mobile devices, to form the world’s largest test cloud. Focused on optimizing user experiences for every web and mobile app you deliver, SOASTA products seamlessly combine public resources with your own local servers and devices to cover every possible user scenario with comprehensive, accurate and repeatable testing. Experience SOASTA’s Global Test Cloud. It’s real-world testing. Really.


Test To Any Scale

Test the traffic of millions of web and mobile users from around the globe with SOASTA. Patented cross-cloud grid provisioning is how we do it, running on every major Cloud Service Provider—all via a single interface.


Real-World Simulation

SOASTA taps into cloud computing to drive external Internet traffic from global data centers, at real scale—quickly, accurately and affordably. Replicate the traffic of tens to thousands of users in minutes, and test at real scale, at your peak.


Mobile Devices, In The Cloud

For real-device testing without real-device hassles, SOASTA’s Global Test Cloud runs automation on up to hundreds of real devices that are fresh, available and completely managed—fully integrated for 100% automation, or deployable as an onsite local device cloud.

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