CloudTest Analytics

Actionable information for performance engineers

Built from the ground up by the SOASTA engineering team, with more than 20 years of Business Intelligence experience, CloudTest‘s real-time analytics leverages SOASTA’s real-time OLAP engine to provide the actionable Performance Intelligence necessary to allow testers to drill into live data while tests are running to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and potential areas of stress in a web application.

Single, end-to-end view of web performance

CloudTest provides comprehensive, actionable performance intelligence through innovative, gesture-based dashboards and widgets, which visualize the test and performance metrics in various charts, lists and crosstabs. Performance engineers now have a compelling, consolidated, end-to-end view of all aspects of web performance including application and database servers, load balancers, instrumented code and bandwidth, all the way to actual end user experience. Testers can significantly reduce the time it takes to ensure their website can reliably handle massive traffic spikes.

Unique data extraction layer

Purpose-built for web performance management, CloudTest’s real-time analytics includes a powerful data extraction layer that captures key performance metrics from both inside and outside firewalls. For monitoring resources, it incorporates metrics from a variety of existing production management monitoring systems, as well as SOASTA’s own test monitors. All the metrics are then aggregated and correlated onto a single, real-time timeline using the CloudTest’s analytics engine by pulling them from a scalable data warehouse.

Best practices performance metrics

SOASTA’s performance engineering team provides testers with pre-built, best practices analytics so they don’t have to spend time building the reports and charts needed to document testing results. The real-time streaming dashboard incorporates SOASTA’s Performance Test Methodology to guide performance engineers, whether testing in the lab or in production, to get the most meaningful results.