SOASTA Delivers the ONLY Performance-Monitoring Solution for Angular Single-Page Applications

mPulse is the only RUM solution that supports Single Page Applications built with AngularJS, Backbone and Ember, the most popular Single Page Application (SPA) web development frameworks for modern web developers.

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SOASTA mPulse Performance Analytics Tool Tackles Single-Page Applications

"We took our measurement JavaScript library and we enhanced it to have first-class awareness of how Angular does things -- and how Backbone and Ember do things -- and it hooks into their events the way that traditional monitoring tools hook into browser events. We're tied directly into the framework and listening on what they're firing off when a page load occurs."

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SOASTA Hunts Partners in EMEA

Performance analytics vendor SOASTA has announced plans to grow its channel across Europe.

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Digital Performance Management Market Heats Up

Combining application performance management with web and mobile testing is a common pattern in today’s IT management market. In fact, last month SOASTA announced a 24-hour digital operations center that expands the number of metrics its product can test and visualize.

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Web Site Not Performing? Maybe it’s Page Bloat

Whether it's converting e-commerce customers or getting readers to click on an article and see some ads, Web sites are generally put up to make some money. If you're not making enough money, the causes could be any number of things, like uncompelling content, network latency or a slow database, but it could also just be that your pages are too big.

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SOASTA’s DOC Makes Tests Matter

A new Digital Operating Center uses micro-tests to help organizations understand their Web application performance.

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