How Super Bowl 50 Will Feed Our Super Appetite…For Data

The Super Bowl is a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s the championship game for the National Football League, a showcase for clever ads from Madison Avenue, and for the rest of us, an excuse to splurge on food and drink. But the game is also a big test for the IT professionals tasked with keeping up with ever-increasing demands for data.

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Second Screen: The Apps People Will Use While Watching Super Bowl 50

According to a 2015 Super Bowl Second Screen Survey conducted by performance analytics company SOASTA, mobile devices will be almost as important as which quarterback evades an onrushing nose tackle. SOASTA commissioned Harris Poll to conduct a survey of 2,057 adults, 1,496 of whom owned either a smartphone or a tablet.

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Online Performance Is as Important as In-Game Performance for the Super Bowl

The biggest sports day of the year will also be a huge day for companies who have an investment in the big game. We visited with Tom Lounibos, CEO of SOASTA, to discuss how digital performance management is particularly important during “spikey” events such as the Super Bowl, where digital performance can make or break a brand.

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Super Bowl Highlights Importance of Digital Performance

As the Super Bowl approaches, an equally epic game is taking place in cyberspace. The Super Bowl is the "moment of truth" for the NFL, sports media, advertisers, restaurants (especially pizza joints), food delivery services and gambling sites. They have to be ready in order to capitalize on unpredictably "spiky" traffic and the transactions before, during and, for some, after the game.

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New Super Bowl Survey Shows App Performance Matters

Finally, there's a Super Bowl survey developers should care about. It turns out we'll be using our mobile and Web apps a lot during the big game, so performance matters.

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Super Bowl Means Super Business for Some Online Retailers

Super Bowl 50 is translating to big business. Sales of Super Bowl-bound Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos products have more than doubled since last week, with product views for those teams up 60% week over week. A recent report from digital performance technology vendor SOASTA. shows that 48% of Americans say that online performance during the Super Bowl matters to them.

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