Kony Updates Mobile Dev Back-End Platform

That customer satisfaction comes in part from performance analytics functionality added to the company's umbrella mobility platform stemming from a recent partnership with SOASTA that helps developers test, monitor, measure and optimize the performance of their apps.

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18 Ways to Ensure Mobile App Performance – Part 2

"While it's tempting to jump start your app development by using a hybrid approach, sharing code and resources with an existing web-based application, your mobile users will often have less optimal network conditions than your desktop web-based users. The best way to ensure mobile performance is to develop a native app, using local resources whenever possible." - Tana Jackson, VP Engineering at SOASTA

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Page Loading Speed Deep-dive with Tammy Everts

Tim Ash speaks with’s Sr. Researcher and Evangelist about the critical and often-ignored essentials of faster loading pages. Learn how to speed up your rendering and improve conversions.

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Can Your Business Cope with Peak Shopping Days?

"Last year, dozens of retailers were caught short by Black Friday. And it seems the unpredictability of seasonal peaks and flash sales is set to continue." Tom Bisley, VP & Managing Director EMEA at SOASTA.

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Addressing the SPI Performance Issues you Don’t Realize you Already Have

"There is a trend to have a back-end API and a rich client side frontend mostly written in JavaScript." - Nic Jansma, Sr. Software Engineer at SOASTA

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AWS Introduces Device Farm for Mobile Testing, but only for Android and FireOS

Vendors like SOASTA offer developers the ability to assess how their application will perform on different devices without physically owning those actual devices.

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