Mozilla’s Mobile Misstep Puts the Web at Risk

Mobile web pages, which are now three times bigger than they were four years ago, a SOASTA study uncovers.

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Back to School Mobile Shopping is “Stressful” to Parents

Performance analytics company, SOASTA, has now released the findings of the SOASTA Back to School Shopping Report Card, which is an annual survey that examines various components.

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Avoid Website Outages on Big Retail Days with Cloud Testing

Certain times of year—Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, back to school, and those all-important Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping days— are the ultimate stress test for e-commerce.

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Enough is Enough…or is It? Best Practices for Load Server Calibration

Load server calibration: what It is and why you need to do it.

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Solving the OPTIONS Performance Issue With Single Page Apps

Single-page applications are all the rage these days. VariousnewJavaScriptframeworks make it very easy to write complex applications in JavaScript, with most of the MVC pattern running in the browser. This of course comes with its own challenges, and at SOASTA, we’re always up for those.

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Smartphone Shopping ‘Stressful’ This Time of Year, Says Report

SOASTA's research confirmed that a majority of back to school shoppers do plan to shop online for the new school year, with nearly 1 in 5 planning to shop using their smartphone or tablet. Millennials are the most likely to shop online for back to school, with 66% of men ages 18-34 and 63% of women ages 18-34 planning to shop online to get their families ready for back to school.

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