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Monitor your customer experience
and take control of business results.

See how performance affects user behavior in real time. So you can optimize in real time.

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Up to 90% of online wait time can be attributed to
front-end processing, not back-end systems.

Front-end processing
wait time

Back-end systems
wait time

mPulse™ measures every user's every interaction on every device in real time. So you're able to see the connections between user experience and business impact, determine appropriate performance levels, and optimize continually.

You know performance
affects revenue.
Do you know how much?

Performance is everything when a delay in milliseconds can cost millions. mPulse maps real user experience to business metrics, so you don’t have to guess how performance affects ROI. You’re seeing it live and adjusting with clarity.

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Do you want real answers?
Use real data.

mPulse performance monitoring lets you create test scenarios before you make a change. Compare today's performance to your best day last year. Check your performance on any device, in any country, on any browser, and even against competitors.
Always be optimizing.

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Want to know where your performance problems are hiding? We can tell you.

mPulse delivers every user experience on every page. Segment performance by geography, web vs. mobile, device type (iOS, Android, manufacturer, model), carrier, and app version. See how these factors - as well as third party services - directly impact your site or app, and quickly find the key to improving performance.

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Building single page applications?
We've got you covered.

If you're building apps with Angular, Ember or Backbone it means you're serious about performance. But collecting true performance metrics from single page applications (SPA) has been impossible - until now. Only mPulse delivers the accurate, real-time visibility you need for SPA and beyond.

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Need deeper insights?
Ask better questions.

mPulse with Data Science Workbench helps you uncover trends using performance analytics, so you can ask smarter questions like: What was our peak revenue minute? What are my users’ buying behavior? Why is my bounce rate so high? mPulse gets answers fast.

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