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Optimize your load testing approach.

Fast, scalable, affordable load testing makes performance optimization
more transparent and efficient than it's ever been.

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Test real user experiences.
From real world locations.

CloudTest gives you complete load testing flexibility – from development to production. Test quickly and continuously, at any scale, with unprecedented real-time insights into end-to-end performance.

Spend your time
building tests, or
delivering results?

Rapidly build realistic test scenarios using real user data, then test, analyze and repair faster. CloudTest’s visual test environment and real-time analytics test your website, mobile app and api backend to give you a streaming view of all your performance data while tests run – from back-end systems to front end performance.

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Move from testing
often to testing continuously

Make performance testing a part of your continuous integration strategy. CloudTest integrates easily with your existing automation tools. Measure every build and release of your website and mobile app against baseline results. Low-level performance tests catch performance issues earlier in the development cycle, long before they get escape into production where the impact is greater and cost to fix is higher.

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Global or local?
Test at any scale.

CloudTest makes it easy to test to any level of expected usage – and beyond. A single interface allows you to control the ramp and scale of user traffic from locations around the world and measure the effects in real time. Whether you’re testing 100 users or a million, the CloudTest platform helps you get the most out of every test by seamlessly spanning dozens of global cloud providers, and simulating web and mobile user traffic more accurately.

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360° performance picture?

With embedded real user monitoring capabilities, CloudTest provides the most comprehensive performance platform for quickly validating and optimizing web and mobile user experience. Build tests based on the most current usage patterns, then run those tests at the right scale, from the right locations for the most realistic results. Streaming analytics let you tune every system component for flawless performance at any scale.

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