Where Real-Time Testing and Production Monitoring Converge

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Performance matters on the Web where a few seconds makes the difference between closing a sale and losing a customer. Being prepared has been difficult in the past as advanced monitoring and testing tools were not aligned nor built for live production testing. But today, full-scale tests of production systems that deliver immediate results with integrated monitoring data can be setup and run in a matter of minutes! SOASTA and AppDynamics are breaking all the old rules with a combined solution built for speed that delivers an agile approach to performance.

Join Performance Experts Dan Bartow of SOASTA and Steve Burton of AppDynamics and witness the next generation approach in action now. This webinar includes a live demonstration of SOASTA CloudTest and AppDynamics integrated with a single view of performance. You will learn how to:

  • Close the gap between testing and proactive performance management
  • Implement tests with integrated monitoring in minutes
  • Identify and rectify production bottlenecks before your users do
  • To build, run and analyze tests with a single view of performance
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