Is Testing Really Dead? The New Criteria For Testing Today’s Apps

Past Webinar

This webinar, now on-demand, addresses the need for today’s testing tools, platforms and methodologies to deliver:

  • Speed in testing to match the speed of development and deployment
  • Control to create and manage every aspect of tests directly
  • Results and analytics in one place, accessible in real-time
  • Scale to match the real-world production demands
  • Complete testing across the application lifecycle
  • Accessibility to every developer, team and global organization

Testing thought-leader and author Scott Barber, President and CTO of PerfTestPlus, and Dan Bartow, SOASTA VP and Chief Evangelist, address what testers need to consider as they move to new testing technologies. They also introduce a set of pragmatic rights proposed by SOASTA that all testers should demand of their new testing solutions.

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