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May 1

Get Started with CloudTest Lite for Load Testing

CloudTest enables load testing from an early stage throughout the development cycle, even into production. In this getting started session, learn the techniques for effectively and efficiently using CloudTest.

April 28

Kom igång med CloudTest Lite!

Oavsett om du är en utvecklare eller erfaren testare är SOASTAs CloudTest Lite en snabb, kostnadsfri, men ändå kraftfull lösning för belastningstester under hela utvecklingscykeln samt i produktion.

April 21

Getting Started with mPulse Lite

Capturing real-user measurement (RUM) information from your website can seem like a daunting task.mPulse Lite solves this by delivering a lightweight and easy-to-implement solution that can start monitoring your production websites in minutes.

April 21

Introducción a mPulse Lite

Capturar la información de los usuarios de su sitio web en tiempo real (Real User Monitoring) puede parecer una tarea muy compleja. mPulse Lite soluciona esto mediante una implementación sencilla y fácil permitiéndole monitorizar sus sitios web en producción en pocos minutos.

April 23

Wie die Top eCommerce Firmen die Endnutzer- Erfahrung Positiv Beeinflussen und Umsätze Generieren

Donnerstag, 23 April, 2015 10AM CET

Firmen, die im eCommerce ein Standbein haben, wissen, dass schlechte Ladezeiten Nutzerabwanderungen bedeuten. Dies kann nicht nur dem Umsatz schaden, sondern auch langfristig das Image der Firma schädigen. Deshalb ist es umso beindruckender, wie viele eCommerce Websites heute noch ohne jegliches Monitoring und Optimieren betrieben werden.
In diesem Webinar lernen Sie:

Past Webinars


The Mobile App Testing Checklist

Testing mobile apps is different. There are more form factors, more combinations, more complexity and more users. Watch this webinar to learn the critical elements of a mobile app testing checklist.


Agile Load Testing in the Real World

Join our Webinar to learn how a top tier manufacturer transformed their ability to deliver high quality projects, faster, by adapting their load testing to fit an agile development approach.


Real User Monitoring: The Secret Weapon for Quality

Real User Monitoring (RUM) helps you to stop guessing about what to test. When you see where your users are, when they lose patience, their peak usage by the minute, and precise web and mobile traffic composition, you know exactly what to test.


Top 10 Tips For Better Web Performance

To help you prepare for web traffic spikes associated with seasonal readiness, promotions or special online events, SOASTA has compiled a list of the top 10 performance testing tips you need to deliver world class web sites.


The Four Hats of Load and Performance Testing

Performance testing may be the most critical function to assuring business success and continuity under unexpected application stress conditions. In this webinar hear how good teams effectively utilize the skills associated with the four hats of performance testing:


Does Your Website Have What It Takes?

SOASTA, whose CloudTest is used by hundreds of companies to assure web and mobile users are delivered the best experience under extreme traffic demands, will be imparting critical tips for optimizing the performance of your websites.


Process Compression in the Mobile App Delivery Cycle

Automation is not an option for mobile development, it’s a requirement. Delivery deadlines come faster, yet test matrices get deeper. Teams must cover different use-cases, devices, mobile operating systems and browsers, so determining what to automate first is the challenge.


Testing in Production Advances with Big Data and the Cloud

Testing in Production (TiP) has moved from taboo to accepted practice owing to its ability to measure reality and provide actionable feedback. These risks can be mitigated by using proven methodologies, methodologies borne of experience and tools built specifically to handle TiP’s unique requirements.


The Keys To World-Class Retail Web Performance

The holiday rush of mobile and web traffic to your web site has the potential for unprecedented success or spectacular public failure.  The world’s leading retailers have turned to the cloud to assure that no matter what load, mobile and web apps will delight customers and protect revenue.


Conquering Mobile App Testing

Where to start? What to test? When to automate? For mobile apps, you need to address these classic test questions in addition to some new, challenging ones: Which locations? Which devices? At what frequency? Which mobile operating systems? Which test tools? Empower yourself and your team with the tips and approaches refined by seasoned testing leaders.


Agile Testing At High Velocity

Scott Barber, testing thought leader and author, and Dan Bartow, SOASTA’s cloud testing evangelist, provided real-world tips and technologies for fast and complete testing for mobile and web apps.


Performance Testing Best Practices: Performance Testing in Production

Testing in the lab is significantly different from production testing in terms of hardware, scale, configuration and activity at any given time (batch jobs, shared services, etc.) The complexity of web applications today makes extrapolating results from lab tests inaccurate and misleading. Furthermore, marketing campaigns and social media can drive unpredictable spikes in traffic to your applications.


Performance Testing Best Practices: What is Cloud Testing

what cloud testing is and how it can deliver scalable testing quickly and affordably by using the virtually infinite cloud resources that are available on demand. In this webinar, the SOASTA performance engineering team demonstrate a performance test using cloud resources.


Gilt Groupe: Preparing for Peak Performance

The combination of Amazon Web Services and SOASTA’s CloudTest has helped Gilt Groupe bring an optimum web experience to their customers every day! In this webinar you’ll learn how Gilt Groupe was able to quickly respond to changing business conditions to maintain a great user experience.


Why Hallmark Loved its Website on Valentines Day

Throughout the year Hallmark uses the CloudTest appliance to test the performance of their website. To prepare for spikes associated with e-card holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, they take those same tests to the Cloud to test externally and at scale.