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How to use Jenkins for Continuous Load Testing and Mobile Automation

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Today’s rapid development pace demands continuous testing, and Jenkins, the leading open source automation platform, has emerged as the hub of continuous delivery. SOASTA and CloudBees have tapped Jenkins to enable more test types and approaches that utilize cloud and agile processes for higher quality apps.

Join this free webinar and learn:

  • How to use Jenkins for continuous delivery and load testing of mobile applications
  • How to incorporate cloud resources into your development and test environments
  • Using the largest global test cloud for load generation
  • CloudBees’ on premise, in the cloud and hybrid solutions for continuous delivery with Jenkins
  • SOASTA’s Jenkins plugins for testing with real mobile devices and tracking performance baselines

Experts from both companies will share stories and demonstrations that will help you implement a continuous approach to quality.


Get Started with mPulse for Real User Measurement

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Capturing real-user measurement (RUM) information from your web site can seem like a daunting task.  SOASTA’s mPulse Lite solves this with a lightweight and easy-to-implement solution that can start monitoring your production web sites in minutes.

Join us for a live webinar where our mPulse consultants will provide guidance and techniques for:

  • Deploying mPulse Lite quickly and effectively
  • Extending your mPulse Lite deployment using Page Groups to identify the most critical business components of your site
  • Using the fully interactive mPulse dashboards to analyze your site for performance issues and business-critical information

 Bonus segments may cover:

  • Why percentiles and time windows are critical
  • Establishing SLAs and objective settings
  • Large scale environments

Get Started with CloudTest Lite for Load Testing

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Whether you are a developer or seasoned tester, SOASTA’s CloudTest Lite is the fast, free, yet powerful solution that enables load testing from an early stage throughout the development cycle, even into production.

SOASTA’s expert Performance Engineers will provide techniques for effectively and efficiently using CloudTest Lite for load testing.

Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Quickly build tests with CloudTest’s visual test creation tools
  • Customize, compose, and run simple to complex test scenarios
  • Analyze test results in real-time through interactive, integrated dashboards

Bonus segments may cover:

  • Running large-scale tests in the cloud
  • Generating mobile traffic for your load testing
  • Techniques and features for production testing
  • API and database testing

Get Started with TouchTest Lite for Mobile Test Automation

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Whether you are a seasoned developer or newbie tester, SOASTA’s TouchTest Lite offers you the only mobile functional test automation that works with incredible precision, on real devices, for always-available mobile app testing.

Join us for a live webinar where SOASTA test engineers will cover the basics to help you run your first TouchTest.

Topics include:

  • Making your mobile app testable
  • Capture, compose & edit tests that include precision gestures
  • Setting validations on text, image, partial image and other critical app elements
  • Test execution, device performance measurement & reporting

Past Webinars

Continuous Load Testing Inside and Out

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Load testing has evolved along with continuous delivery and now requires that developers eliminate performance issues on their desktop while test and operations teams validate from the test lab to live production systems. Your test platform must be adaptable and accessible to all to provide testing throughout your agile delivery cycles.

SOASTA’s CloudTest is used for internal testing by the largest financial organizations and spun up in the cloud by bleeding-edge startups. Join this free webinar and explore how innovative companies are testing behind and beyond their firewalls.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Load test types for every phase of development
  • Testing APIs, custom code and “untestable” apps
  • Load tests for responsive WebSocket design
  • Utilizing Virtual Private Cloud for your internal testing
  • Tapping 1 million external cloud servers for your biggest needs
  • Production load testing with instant analytics and interactive real-time dashboards

SOASTA’s product team will demonstrate how customers are replacing legacy load testing tools and implementing continuous performance optimization with CloudTest.

How Real User Monitoring Reduces 3rd Party Content Risk

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Trusting 3rd party content providers without full visibility puts your web and mobile business at risk with single points of failure (SPOF), outages and serious performance bottlenecks outside your control. Real User Monitoring (RUM) empowers you to set appropriate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and delivers indisputable facts to keep your providers honest. But, you also need to know what to expect.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Common third-party services and how to measure them with RUM
  • Using synthetic monitoring services to know what to expect
  • Understanding and testing for SPOF
  • Setting reality-based SLAs with your providers
  • Information sharing for full accountability

Join Web Performance veteran Cliff Crocker for this free webinar on a hot issue.

‘Tis the Season – Holiday 2014 eCommerce Quality Checklist

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

This year, your holiday traffic will increase 15% or more, and 50% of the users will be mobile. Recent research shows 71% of your revenue comes from multi-channel users, so if you haven’t started planning, you’re already behind. Leading retailers are preparing for Holiday “14 and testing their production sites for multi-channel access to 115% capacity, or beyond! If you’re not one of them, your plans are incomplete.

Cover your risks. Join Tenzing and SOASTA experts as they discuss the must-do checklist for peak performance.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Align your Marketing and Quality plans
  • Cover the multichannel user experience
  • Test early in the lab and fully in production
  • Optimize end-to-end site speed and performance
  • When to freeze for the winter

Don’t miss this opportunity to “shop early” and see how the leading retailers are already beating the odds with cloud testing.

Modern Load Testing: How to Move Your Load Testing from the Past to the Present

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Load testing approaches of the past support application delivery of the past. Times have changed. Today’s leading companies do more testing in less time with higher coverage of their web and mobile applications, everyday.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why user experience is king
  • How to do front-to-back performance testing for mobile and web apps
  • How to deploy web and mobile load tests with global scale and distribution
  • Live production testing enabled with real-time analysis and control
  • How real user monitoring drives test creation and guides production testing

The time is now to move your testing from the past to the present! Join us for tips and tricks to get you there.

Mobile Testing Practices for Your Private Device Cloud

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Mobile Testing demands you to test and automate what brings the most value to your company. Experience has proven that real devices that you can touch, but also access remotely, provide the most versatile solution for fast-moving teams.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The key capabilities of a Private Device Cloud
  • How to choose the right devices for your app testing
  • Tips on managing your devices remotely and locally
  • How to implement test automation in your private device cloud
  • Manual access and testing in your private device cloud

SOASTA led the charge in mobile test automation with TouchTest and now can enable you to set up and manage a Private Device Cloud. Join this live webinar to learn the winning test practices for running your private mobile device cloud.

What Top Retailers Know About Web & Mobile App Performance and User Experience

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Companies who depend on ecommerce know that poor performance frustrates users and costs them business. Yet, a surprising number still rely on antiquated testing and monitoring approaches that provide incomplete views and a false sense of security.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The risks companies face using tools and techniques built for a “smaller web”
  • How the cloud removes barriers of time and scale for performance testing
  • The role of real time analytics to align teams around User Experience
  • To use Real User Measurement drives development and testing
  • How the SOASTA platform delivers control, visibility and e-commerce confidence

Join SOASTA’s performance experts as they explore case studies of leading retailers and ecommerce companies who have replaced former approaches with cloud testing and real user measurement to realize a new level of confidence when traffic spikes.

Agile Load Testing in the Real World

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Recent and constant changes in technology have resulted in a transition from the traditional Center of Excellence model, to an agile development model, which has made its way into the mainstream and caused a shift in how testing, particularly performance testing, is done.

Join our Webinar to learn how a top tier manufacturer transformed their ability to deliver high quality projects, faster, by adapting their load testing to fit an agile development approach.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to think differently about performance testing in an agile development environment
  • How to shift Performance Testing to the left in the development cycle
  • What adjustments to consider in your performance testing centers of excellence model
  • Technology platform considerations for faster, more collaborative load testing

Utopia Solutions Founder and CTO, Lee Barnes, will dive into tips and techniques for bringing effective performance testing to your agile organization. The SOASTA team will demonstrate how continuous, cloud-based testing makes it easier.


Real User Measurement: The Secret Weapon for Quality

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Real User Measurement (RUM) helps you to stop guessing about what to test. When you see where your users are, when they lose patience, their peak usage by the minute, and precise web and mobile traffic composition, you know exactly what to test.  SOASTA’s mPulse is RUM that is easy to implement and gives instant insight that will change your perspective of performance, monitoring and testing forever.

Performance experts Cliff Crocker and Buddy Brewer will walk thru the latest release of SOASTA’s mPulse and show how it helps companies see every user, every second, while providing critical information for more accurate testing.

In this webinar you’ll learn::

  • Rapid implementation and configuration for real user
  • Key Performance Indicators collected from real, live users
  • Building patterns and usage scenarios
  • Guiding better load and performance tests with mPulse information

See How Your Customers See You With mPulse

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

In order to be customer focused you must measure your customers, and real user measurement (RUM) is the preferred way to measure your website’s speed from your customers’ perspective. SOASTA mPulse provides a complete and simple to implement solution that can start monitoring your production web site in minutes.

Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Capture 100% of the real user experience with no blind spots
  • Set rock solid goals that map directly to business objectives
  • Transform real user data into actions that improve the performance of your site

How VerbalizeIt Prepared for 700% Increase in Website Visitors

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

VerbalizeIt, a human-powered translation platform for businesses, was selected to appear on the popular Shark Tank TV show. Launching a completely revamped website, and recognizing the opportunity to convert six million viewers into customers, VerbalizeIt turned to SOASTA for cloud testing to ensure that their technology held up under the heavy spike in traffic.

In this webinar, Kunal Sarda, COO of VerbalizeIt, will be discussing:

  • VerbalizeIt’s road to Shark Tank and SOASTA
  • How quickly they were able to test for the anticipated increase in Website Traffic
  • Samples of user scenarios and tests conducted
  • How web performance bottlenecks were uncovered and fixed

Don’t miss this important webinar on performance testing.

How to do Continuous Load Testing with CloudTest and Jenkins

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Two key challenges to continuous load testing are provisioning a test system to handle the load and accessing load generators to drive the traffic.

In this webinar from SOASTA & CloudBees, you will learn how to:

  • Build realistic automated web performance tests and run them in Jenkins
  • Architect and launch a test environment that auto-provisions in the cloud
  • Manage a load generation grid to drive load tests in a lights-out mode
  • Establish a performance baseline in your daily Jenkins reports

Don’t miss this important webinar on continuous performance testing.

How to Implement Continuous Testing for Optimal Mobile Performance

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Mobile moves fast.  Performance, from every perspective ranging from saturated public networks to device battery life, is what separates success from failure.

Testing and measuring mobile performance is a requirement in 100% of the companies who do business on the web today, and whether you are part of a mobile testing team or not, you need to understand what’s available to testers. Major technology advancements from Continuous Integration to real device testing to cloud computing are helping test teams keep up.  In this webinar, SOASTA experts will show you how you can take advantage of the biggest technology shifts in testing to optimize mobile app quality.

You will learn:

·  How to use leading free Continuous Integration platforms for agile mobile performance testing

·  How the cloud can help quickly and cost-effectively test for mobile scale into the millions of users

·  How to build real device test labs that continually validate user experience running precise gestures and collecting actual device performance

·  How real companies are testing for mobile and improving developer/tester collaboration with real data

How to Avoid Epic Web Failure…Lessons Learned from Healthcare.gov

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )


“This system just wasn’t tested enough, especially for high volumes,”

Web and mobile performance has become business critical in today’s world. Website failures are costly in terms of lost revenue and tarnished reputation. Quality user experience has taken center stage. Are you ready to deliver?

To help prepare for web traffic spikes associated with seasonal readiness, promotions or special online events, proper planning and execution is a must. This means that the combination of technology tools, implementation best practices and expertise needs to be carefully managed and optimized.

Since 2008, SOASTA has conducted tens-of-thousands of tests, and logged over a million hours in the cloud. During this time we have accelerated web and mobile testing with scale and affordability for the world’s leading brands.

During our upcoming webinar, we will share key SOASTA testing strategies needed to avoid epic web fails. They include the need to:

- Test continuously
- Test end-to-end
- And, test at scale

Join SOASTA experts Peter Galvin, SVP SOASTA Marketing and Brad Johnson, SOASTA VP Product Marketing as they share the best practices you need to follow to ensure your web and mobile apps are real-world ready. We will also show you how SOASTA’s industry leading CloudTest platform enables you to streamline and automate performance tests, so you can deliver quality user experiences every time.

Getting Started Load Testing with CloudTest Lite

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Whether you are a developer or seasoned tester, CloudTest Lite is the fast, free, yet powerful solution enabling testing from an early stage build process throughout the development cycle, even into production.

During this webinar, one of SOASTA’s expert CloudTest Engineers will provide techniques for effectively and efficiently using CloudTest Lite for load testing.

Topics include:

1. Quickly building tests with CloudTest’s visual test environment

2. Executing tests up to 100 simultaneous users

3. Analyzing tests with real-time analytics for actionable intelligence

Bonus Segment!

Learn how Dynamic Ramp can modify load levels on the fly

Top 10 Tips For Better Web Performance

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Web Performance Testing

To help you prepare for web traffic spikes associated with seasonal readiness, promotions or special online events, SOASTA has compiled a list of the top 10 performance tips you need to deliver world class web sites.  

Since 2008, SOASTA has conducted tens-of-thousands of tests, and logged over a million hours in the cloud.  During this time, we have optimized web and mobile sites of all sizes and scale, ranging from boutique online retailers to the world’s leading brands.

Some of the key areas we will address during the webinar include:

- Performance issues – How to find them

- Building an end to end test plan

- The importance of load balancing and code quality

Join renowned SOASTA performance experts Connie Quach and Mike Ostenberg as they share the critical issues you need to address to ensure your web and mobile apps are ready.   Connie and Mike will also show how SOASTA’s industry leading CloudTest platform enables you to streamline and automate performance tests, so you can deliver quality user experiences every time.


The Four Hats of Load and Performance Testing

Past Webinar

Archived (originally presented )

Performance testing may be the most critical function to assuring business success and continuity under unexpected application stress conditions. Professionals in this domain develop several key skills to model realistic workloads, develop robust scripts, monitor complex environments, and deliver actionable results.

In this webinar hear how good teams effectively utilize the skills associated with the four hats of performance testing:

  1. Business Analyst, for effective test planning
  2. Developer, for creating maintainable scripts
  3. Systems Engineer, to identify and configure resource monitors
  4. Data Analyst, to interpret and report results

Dan Downing, Managing Principal at Mentora, is a veteran performance tester, teacher, author, and presenter, with 30 years of enterprise testing expertise.  Join Dan and fellow test industry veteran, Brad Johnson, SOASTA’s VP of Product, as they explore these four key areas where skills and expert tools must intersect to deliver speed and quality in today’s fast moving companies.

About the presenters:

Dan Downing, Managing Principal, Application Testing, Mentora

Dan leads the Enterprise Application Performance Testing practice and serves as the principal consultant for quality assessments and large enterprise projects. He has 30 years technical and leadership experience as programmer, sales engineer, product manager, senior manager, and has led enterprise load testing projects for a variety of industries. Dan is widely regarded as a subject matter expert in load testing and created the 5-Steps of Load Testing methodology taught at Mercury Interactive. He is a frequent presenter at software quality conferences such as STAR, STPCon, and Workshop on Performance and Reliability for which he is one of the organizers. 

Brad Johnson, VP Product, SOASTA

Brad Johnson has been supporting testers since the turn of the last century as head of monitoring and test products at Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Borland. He joined the new school of testing in 2009 when he signed on with SOASTA to deliver cloud testing on the CloudTest platform to a skeptical and established software testing market. Now, with the experience of tens-of-thousands of tests and hundreds of companies embracing the cloud, and using the same for mobile test automation, he’s helping expand the horizons of testers everywhere.