Velocity New York

New York Hilton Midtown

10/12/2015 9:00am - 10/14/2015 5:00pm

Most companies with outward-facing dynamic websites face the same challenges: pages must load quickly, infrastructure must scale efficiently, and sites and services must be reliable, without burning out the team or breaking the budget. Velocity is the best place on the planet for web ops and performance professionals like you to learn from your peers, […]

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Velocity New York Session – Forensic Tools for in-depth Performance Investigation

New York Hilton Midtown, Gramercy

10/12/2015 11:00am - 10/12/2015 12:30pm

Join SOASTA Chief Architect Philip Tellis, along with Sr. Software Developer Nic Jansma for this talk that will cover problem solving analysis to see how a potential cause of a problem can change drastically as one takes a deeper look.

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Velocity New York Session – Metrics, Metrics Everywhere (but where the heck do you start?)

New York Hilton Midtown, Regent Parlor

10/12/2015 1:30pm - 10/12/2015 3:00pm

In this session, SOASTA Sr. Researcher & Evangelist Tammy Everts, along with VP of Market Strategy Cliff Crocker, will walk through various metrics that answer performance questions from multiple perspectives. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of your options, as well as a clear understanding of how to choose the right metric for the […]

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Velocity New York Speaking Session – Beyond Aggregates: Root Cause Analysis with RUM

New York Hilton Midtown, Murray Hill East

10/13/2015 2:10pm - 10/13/2015 2:50pm

Running one web site is hard. Running many sites for a litany of demanding e-commerce customers is a daunting task. That is the world Norm Morrison of eBay Enterprise lives in every day, where he is regularly confronted by problems such as: Is an individual performance complaint an outlier or a trend? Is a performance […]

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Mobile Shopping Summit

Omni Rancho Las Palmas

10/14/2015 7:00am - 10/16/2015 3:00pm

Find SOASTA at Mobile Shopping Summit at booth 24. This is the must-attend forum for digital executives looking to refine mobile strategy. World class networking opportunities and in-depth research support retail industry & brand growth in this unique collaborative environment, creating the conversations that matter around omni-channel engagement.

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Velocity New York Keynote – Beyond Apdex: Defining a Precise SLA for Performance

New York Hilton Midtown, Grand Ballroom

10/14/2015 10:00am - 10/14/2015 10:05am

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. Online, waiting means missed expectations, which leads to abandoned shopping carts, lower traffic, and fewer returning visits. Winning the performance game requires understanding not just how fast you are, but how your speed measures up to consumer expectations. In 2004, our industry sought to address this issue by creating […]

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Velocity NY Performance Session – Measuring the Performance of Single Page Web Applications

New York Hilton Midtown, Beekman/Sutton

10/14/2015 4:35pm - 10/14/2015 5:15pm

Single Page Applications are a problem for RUM tools because there aren’t easy ways to tell when a new page component has been requested asynchronously as a result of an intentional user action. Many network requests are back end service calls initiated periodically by the app. For example, a ping to check if content has […]

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Velocity Closing Reception

Mercury Ballroom (New York Hilton Midtown lobby)

10/14/2015 5:15pm - 10/14/2015 6:15pm

Join us at the Bridges Bar and Lounge in the New York Hilton Midtown lobby after sessions on the last day of Velocity for a Closing Reception, sponsored by SOASTA. Learn about the latest innovations in SOASTA RUM and make those last connections before leaving the conference.

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Connect JS

10/16/2015 9:00am - 10/17/2015 5:00pm

Join SOASTA Evangelist Dan Boutin for the latest in digital performance management.

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Software Testing Atlanta Conference

Westin Buckhead

10/22/2015 8:00am - 10/22/2015 6:00pm

Join SOASTA Sr. Evangelist Dan Boutin at STAC for his business transformation case study for eCommerce performance featuring Lowe’s.

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Workshop on Performance and Reliability (WOPR24)

10/22/2015 9:00am - 10/24/2015 12:00pm

WOPR is a peer workshop for practitioners to share experiences in system performance and reliability, allow people interested in these topics to network with their peers, and to help build a community of professionals with common interests. WOPR is not vendor-centric, consultant-centric, or end user-centric, but strives to accommodate a mix of viewpoints and experiences. […]

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WebTech Conference 2015 Talk – Measuring the Performance of Single Page Web Applications

Holiday Inn City Centre

10/27/2015 9:00am - 10/28/2015 4:00pm

Join Philip Tellis, Chief Architect at SOASTA for this talk on the benefits and overcoming challenges within single page applications. They can be a problem for RUM tools because there aren’t easy ways to tell when a new page component has been requested asynchronously as a result of an intentional user action. Many network requests […]

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Velocity Amsterdam

10/28/2015 8:00am - 10/30/2015 8:00pm

Continuous delivery. Resilience engineering. Performance optimization. And more. Join SOASTA, along with the engineers, developers, operations pros, and technology leaders defining the modern, IT-driven business. Find us at booth 211 to see how we are changing the performance game. Don’t have a pass yet? Use code soasta30 to receive 30% off when registering.

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Velocity Amsterdam Speaking Session – Forensic Tools For In-Depth Performance Investigation


10/28/2015 2:00pm - 10/28/2015 3:30pm

We are a third-party script provider, and we work with a lot of customers across various verticals. One of our customers in the retail space recently noticed that a particular page had performance problems, that on the face of it pointed to our script as the cause. This confused us because of the non-blocking/SPOFing nature […]

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Velocity Amsterdam Speaking Session – Measuring the Performance of Single Page Web Applications


10/30/2015 11:50am - 10/30/2015 12:30pm

Single page applications are a problem for RUM tools, because there is no easy way to tell when a new page component has been requested asynchronously as a result of an intentional user action. Many network requests are back-end service calls initiated periodically by the app, for example: a ping to check if content has […]

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DevOps Fusion Summit Speaking Session – It’s Not Called Continuous Integration for Nothing

Hyatt Regency

11/01/2015 1:15pm - 11/01/2015 1:45pm

In this workshop, Dan Boutin will dig deep into the process of continuous integration (CI). He will outline the relationships and process flows between change management, configuration management, and release/build management, and explain how the CI process, when coupled with a solid performance engineering discipline across the product lifecycle, can result in a better user […]

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DevOps Summit Session: The Outcome Conversation – Aligning DevOps and Business Through Understanding User Outcomes

Santa Clara Convention Center

11/03/2015 8:00am - 10/05/2015 5:00pm

Join SOASTA SVP of Performance Analytics James Urquhart for this informative session on how to align your DevOps strategy with your business goals through user outcomes. For almost two decades, businesses have discovered great opportunities to engage with customers and even expand revenue through digital systems, including web and mobile applications. Yet, even now, the […]

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Øredev 2015

11/03/2015 9:00am - 11/06/2015 5:00pm

Øredev has its origins and focus on the software development process, from programming to project management. This is an event based on the concept of quality – for learning, networking, and sharing knowledge. See SOASTA thought leader Eric Proegler speak at this insightful gathering.

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DevOps Summit Speaking Session – 7 Steps to Pragmatic Mobile Testing

Santa Clara Convention Center

11/04/2015 12:00pm - 11/04/2015 1:00pm

Join SOASTA Evangelist Tom Chavez on the latest in how mobile testing is adapting to meet the demands of the digital revolution.

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Agile Development Conference East

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista

11/08/2015 9:00am - 11/13/2015 5:00pm

Find SOASTA in Orlando at booth #13 to discover the latest in agile methods, technologies, tools, and leadership principles from thought leaders who deliver inspiring keynotes, in-depth tutorials, and a wide range of conference classes. Haven’t registered yet? Use our exclusive discount code: A15VE when registering for up to $400 off.

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Kansas City Marriott Downtown

11/09/2015 3:00pm - 11/09/2015 4:00pm

The “onload” event no longer matters. Single Page Applications are a problem when trying to measure page load performance because there aren’t easy ways to tell when a new “page load” has been requested as a result of an intentional user action, or when all of the resource fetches triggered by that action have completed. […]

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