Why LoadRunner Users are Choosing CloudTest

SOASTA CloudTest – Get performance insights into end to end performance, so you can ensure a successful mobile and web user experience in real-time, on-demand and at global scale.

MicroFocus LoadRunner – A legacy load testing tool that delivers slow time to results, is operationally expensive and limited in terms of users, devices, licensing, scale and geographical reach. LoadRunner has changed hands again, and is now part of the portfolio of a company best known for COBOL development tools.


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The Choice is Clear...

    SOASTA CloudTest HP LoadRunner

Test Automation
Build Hours Days
Analyze Real-Time Post Test
Scenario Design Build from Real User Data Guesstimate or Analyze Logs
Dynamic Load Control Pause and ramp up or down at any time during tests, by script and location Programmed load

Global Load Injector Locations Hundreds, Dynamically Allocated in the Cloud for pennies/hour (or On-Prem) Self-Owned and Administered On-Prem, expensive short-term cloud rentals available
Volumes Millions and Billions Hundreds and Thousands

License Unlimited tests, users, and locations Expensive
Designed to Support Web, Mobile, Continuous Integration Client-Server

Testing Experts Ready to help, on-demand Outsourced

What Industry Analysts Are Saying

On SOASTA: “...SOASTA’s platform offers a dynamically scalable testing solution. The platform provides integrated test results and analytics that can enable faster problem identification and resolution.”

On LoadRunner: “Ease of use, process and organization change, and high price points are typical barriers to successful adoption.”

What Recent SOASTA Customers are Saying

“Not only were SOASTA’s testing services provided on-demand, the whole company responded quickly, on-demand, and we were able to run multiple tests very quickly.” Kunal Sarda, Co-founder, VerbalizeIt

“CloudTest is a much more cost-effective, current solution and it enables us to provide a more reliable user experience to our customers.” Kevin Kirschten,VP of QA/Performance Testing, Pearson Education